How can social media really help businesses today?

Social media is widely utilized for brand promotion today because of its effectiveness and fairly low cost. This modern marketing tool combines social interaction with technology and internet to establish a deeper connection with the target market without being too invasive.

Some common social media platforms used in businesses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The only thing you have to remember with social media is that you have to be consistent and use it regularly to keep the attention of your audience.

In order to really get results, you have to know how to leverage social media. Here are some three ways you can do this:

#1: Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Social media helps you position yourself as an industry resource. Content marketing experts use online platforms as channels for passing valuable information such as new trends, advice, tips and other industry-related knowledge to their target market.



As you share links and articles that provide real value to your audience, whether they’re from a third-party or your own, more people will follow you. They will then share your content and do the marketing for you. Being a thought leader, people see you as a trusted resource of information and an authority in your industry so whatever you share or post in your newsfeed, they view as worthy of their time.



The only trouble with this marketing approach is that constantly sharing links makes you predictable and boring and finding the best content to share takes away plenty of your time.

#2: Sell your products and services

Ultimately, you want to convert your social media influence into sales. Adding a proper call to action to each of  your updates will make the conversion easier for you.



Posting updates on social media with coupons, limited-time offers, product updates and other promotions allow businesses to stay in front of their customers until they’re ready to buy.



One disadvantage to openly marketing on social media is that people sometimes feel like being sold to – which most consumers find unappealing. Instead, they want to feel in control when it comes to any buying situation.

As a marketer, you have to balance your content and find a healthy medium between establishing connection with your audience and selling to them. This can be achieved by a following a rule called 70-20-10. This means that 70 percent of your content must be informational, relevant and will give value to your followers; 20 percent should be from a third-party and 10 percent should include promotional content in any form.”

Maintaining that balance in your sales pitches and having relevant and informative content is an excellent way to generate sales without being too forward. Social media makes this strategy not only possible but entirely acceptable,  tool for  marketing.

#3: Provide Excellent Customer Service

Business owners want to provide their customers the best experience they can afford to give. Today, businesses and companies use social media to understand their customers and strive to meet their needs. In order to be more effective in providing support to your customers, you can educate them on how to maximize your services or products. You can also include hacks, tips and tricks and provide a solution to any problem they may face while availing of your products and services.



The speed and environment in social media allows you to interact with your customers in real time. This gives people the impression that you are committed to providing great satisfaction and care. This will not only help you address issues but also keep track of how your customers perceive your business. You can then use this information to improve your performance.



If you let customers freely post and send you messages on your personal or business account, you might end up with a flooded page which can be too much for your followers to see. One way to avoid this is to set up a separate account dedicated solely for addressing issues and providing support. Hiring someone to take care of the customer service aspect of your business will help you alleviate the burden and make sure that everything is taken cared of in a timely manner.



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