Do you want to know how business outsourcing can help business owners, like you, maximize operational expenses without compromising quality? Allow me to share with you 3 tools for effective business outsourcing.

And later, I will also provide you with free access to the tools and resources I have gathered over the years that will help you succeed in business outsourcing.


Tool # 1: Choose the right communication style

Efficient communication plays a vital role between the business owner and the outsourced. How you communicate will determine the success of the collaboration between you and your team. There should be a set standard of communication that everyone can get into.

It is best to encourage your team to openly communicate with you so that problems or difficulties may be dealt with immediately. This will help prevent further and future mistakes and save time.

And this is best implemented from the start so that your communication is well-established even before the project gets well underway.


Tool # 2: Collaboration on documents and spreadsheets

Transparency is important in business outsourcing. And in line with this, file sharing/collaboration with the team should be given importance. There are numerous applications and programs available online for free. You can choose which of these applications and programs will best suit your requirements. Your team must be able to have access to these programs and applications as well. Make sure that they can also download the said apps and programs on their computers.

To help you start on this, check out the following collaboration tools available online: Google Docs, Dropbox, Basecamp, Central Desktop and more.


Tool # 3: Setting up a project management team to help organize documents and conversations.

It is not enough to have the best tools for outsourcing. As a business owner, you have to have a good project management team that will help keep track of your daily activities. The project manager will be in charge of checking on the other team members, ensuring productivity and making use of their time wisely.

Another plus of having a management team is that your documents will be kept organized. Should you need a certain file, you know who to ask it from. The project manager will have to answer to you and at the same time, you only need to brief your project manager for project directions and he or she will be responsible for disseminating information to the rest of the team.

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