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Start-up business costs can be overwhelming especially if you really don’t have a lot of money. The amount of work to be done, not to mention the people you need to hire, will leave you drained even before you officially launch your business.

The good thing is, you can now outsource certain areas of your business and focus on your core service or product. Most business owners outsource areas where they do not excel or don’t like to do.

Let’s take a look at some the areas usually outsourced and I hope this will help you decide which areas of your busines you can outsource, too.


Administrative Services

Administrative support or virtual assistant usually takes care of the day-to-day activities of your business. They handle customer support- answering queries on the phone, email or other social media platform. Sometimes a virtual assistant also schedules interviews and research for networking seminars that can be beneficial for your business.


Web Design and Web Development

Web design pertains to the look of the website; what the visitors see when they click on your website. Web development, on the other hand, is concerned on how your website will work; programming and interactions on the web pages. Many businesses around the world have been outsourcing these areas and found it beneficial for them. Not only it costs less than hiring full-time employees, the quality of work being done is more exceptional, too.


Creative Development

Creative services include content writing, copywriting, PR, graphic and logo design, media kit and the like. These are not your typical, everyday tasks. Most business owners would hire someone to do this particular task on a per project basis or when the need arises. By outsourcing these services you will definitely save money.



This is one area most business owners don’t mind outsourcing simply because they don’t want to be bothered by it. Payroll checks your team’s everyday log in and records the number of hours they’ve worked on a particular pay period. Good thing, though, there are a lot of apps online that can help your payroll personnel do this more efficiently.


Social Media Management

Social media plays a vital role in our society today. Being the case, you should take advantage of this. You presence in social media will let people know you and your company- the products and services you offer. You can outsource this for a couple of hours a day or more if needed.


Market Research and Lead Generation

The best way to increase your client base and sales, proper and effective market research and lead generation is a must. The person who will be tasked to do this should be patient and has his or her own style or strategy that they can use to accomplish this. Since this takes a lot of time, you could outsource this. If you are just starting, you can get 1 person to do both and add should the need arises.

These are just some of the areas you can outsource. I can help you understand each area better. Just click on the link below and you will get free access to mindmap, a collection of outsourcing tools and resources to help you get started. And I will also give you 10 hours of free outsourcing trial!


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