Enlightened Entrepreneur with Aladin Ali

Aladin Ali Talks About Energy Healing and What it Can Do to Your Business

Aladin Ali of Healing AcademyWhat is the best way to have a balanced life while working your way to the top? Scotland based healing expert Aladin Ali talks about the myth and misconceptions business owners have about this technique and how it can change their lives.




Key Questions Asked:

  • What is Aladin’s background?
  • What advice would she give to business owners who are having a difficult time in their business?
  • What are some of misconceptions that she has come across with when it comes to Energy Healing among business owners?
  • How can understanding Energy Healing make their life easier?
  • What is the perfect mindset business owners must have in order to be open to Spiritual and Energy Healing?


  Highlights of Lessons Learned:

  • You are not just a physical body that you see but is something that is moving and when you align yourself with who you really are, you begin to move very swiftly towards your goal and you’ll be able to balance you work and life.
  • When you really tap into your energy and if you know how to use and enhance it, everything in your life happens with ease.
  • Most business owners don’t know what energy healing is , therefore Aladin comes across as a life coach sometimes, but the more she works with them, the more they seem to want to understand energy healing.
  • Because of social media there’s been an increase in the awareness of energy healing.
  • The number one reason business owners fail to get their goals is not lack of resources, rather it is themself.
  • Energy Healing will help business owners to understand themselves, their strength and their weaknesses by learning tapping into their energy the spiritual leadership side of it, understanding themself becoming more aware and becoming more motivated and being more passionate about what they do.
  • Business owners really need to be open to trying new things in order to really be successful.