Enlightened Entrepreneur with Amanda C. Watts

One of the Industry’s Most Talked-about Marketing Expert Warns Business Owners Not to Make These Mistakes

Amanda Watts of FreedomPreneurHow do you go from being broke to running a seven-figure business doing what you love? Amanda C. Watts is a marketing authority and has proven herself to be the right expert when it comes to turning one’s passion into a full time job or even a successful business venture. In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, Amanda answers Yeukai’s questions about the mistakes she often see business owners do that keep them from achieving their full potential, and how to best avoid them.


Key Questions Asked:

  • What had to happen mentally in order for Amanda to build a seven figure business?
  • What advice would Amanda give to someone who wants to actually make things happen but there’s no support from family or anyone around them?
  • What role did mentors play in Amanda’s journey, especially when she was just starting her business?
  • How did she get her first client?
  • What mistakes does Amanda see start up business owners do that stops them before they even get started in making money?
  • How does she go about helping client find out exactly what they are good at or who they should be working with?
  • Is there anything that business owners do which they think is helping to build their company, yet in actual fact, it’s the opposite?
  • What’s one big tip that Amanda would give to start up business owners?
  • If she were to do it all over again, what would Amanda do differently?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

  • The first thing Amanda would advice start up business owners to do is to surround themselves with peers.
  • As for finding her first client, Amanda did not go on to social media and post 20 updates a day. Instead, she went to LinkedIn and sent emails to people who she thinks need her expertise.
  • Two massive problems that new entrepreneurs make: 1) They don’t niche so they don’t become a specialist in something. 2) They charge for their services by the hour. Don’t sell by the hour, package up huge value, work out exactly how much you can help someone, turn it into a package, and work with them for three months or for six months.
  • Almost all of the client Amanda has worked with find that their niche is actually in their story. One thing that she gets her clients to do is to write out their story because there lies some clues as to who you should be helping.
  • Another mistake business owners get stuck on is being very busy being busy. One solution Amanda suggests for this is to outsource. As soon as you can afford it, start investing back into your business and have someone take the grunt work.
  • One big tip that Amanda would give business owners is to “fill yourself up with the information of the experts on YouTube.” And also, “don’t build a business brand, build a personal brand” because it’s the personal brand that people actually buy from. Therefore, it is important to build a personal brand.
  • Another mistake is that a lot of people give up their day job too soon, when some people can grow a business while still being in their day job. Amanda advises business owners to not rush to leave their day job, do it safely. And to find someone who has been there and done it and get support from them so you can eliminate mistakes.
  • Amanda gets her clients to ask themselves two questions every day: “What was a win and what was a learning?” (What mistake have they made and what have they learned from that?) Because our power and our success comes from our learning and our mistakes, not from where we naturally win.