Enlightened Entrepreneur with Ave Peetri

Ave Peetri Talks About Key Marketing Skills And Other Tips for Better Results


Ave Peetri of Coaching by Ave Peetri Inc.How do you know where to focus your marketing efforts on? In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, marketing expert Ave Peetri talks about key marketing skills every business owner needs to have and develop in order to achieve their goals on marketing. Eve helps business owners figure out who their ideal client is, what is the message that the ideal client wants to hear from them, how to come up with that message, and how to build their marketing pipeline.



Key Questions Asked:

  • What can Ave say about marketing and what marketing suggestions would she give to business owners who are getting started?
  • How does Eve know who is the right person for her to work with?
  • What are the skills that every business owner needs when it comes to business marketing?
  • You mentioned something about networking, what do you think stops most people who had something of value to go into this networking and meeting people?
  • What’s the perfect mindset when it comes to marketing your business?
  • During those early days, what challenges did Eve meet that other business owners might also be facing?
  • Knowing what she knows now, what would Eve do differently?



Highlights of Lessons Learned: 

  • There are a lot of misconceptions about marketing. Most often, people assume that they need to be a certain type of person to do marketing – something that Eve explained to not be true.
  • When it comes to marketing, the first thing to do is to figure out who is your ideal client. So really figure out who you love working with, who would most appreciate your service for exactly the reason you are who you are and find out all you can about your ideal clients.
  • Once you are really clear of who you’re talking to and what you tell them, the next thing to do is just get out there and carry out your plans.
  • Networking is mainly about meeting people and developing relationships and people are far more interested in getting to know what you are doing when you go out there to find out more about what they’re doing.
  • One of the challenges that Eve had to overcome was not being exactly sure who she wants to work with in the beginning.
  • Marketing from the place of who you are is the most powerful form of marketing.