Certified Business Coach Shares the Main Steps to Boost Confidence

barbara-profileAre you preoccupied with doubts and worries? Got stuck and can’t seem to move forward? Certified Business Confidence Coach and business expert, Barbara Iuliano, talks about how to win over our wavering thoughts and negative mentality.




Key Questions Asked:

  • What would Barbara say to somebody who has not discovered that they are a strong gift with them?
  • What were the difficulties she faced when transitioning from training programs to an actual business?
  • What was her perception on getting a proper training for business before officially getting into it?
  • How did she get her first client?
  • What steps can she recommend business owners take in order to boost their confidence?
  • How to do visualization effectively?
  • Why should confidence go before anything else?
  • Are there any pitfall that business owners must watch out for in boosting their confidence?
  • What things could she have done more or less in the past?
  • What is the perfect mindset for every business owners to succeed?


Highlights of the Lessons Learned:

  • Self-confidence is the most significant trait to succeed. The “Inner belief of I can do it” is the key to realize whatever has been planned ahead.
  • In order to win over the wavering thoughts, business owner needs to have a perspective that anything along the way can be very tough but he/she can surely successfully do it no matter what it takes.
  • The main steps to boost self-confidence may vary depending on whatever aligns to an individual or a business owner, however the basics are:
  • Be Present – this means that business owners need to affirm on what he has right now, in order to actually imagine the success that he/she wanted. With that, they will be able to affirm that “I was there, and now I am here”, which implies a success indeed.
  • Gratefulness – always be thankful and recognize or appreciate so you will be able to concentrate on the positive feelings rather negative ones.
  • Meditate and Visualize – business owner must develop clear goals and he must fill his/her imagination of the best or phenomenal results of the set goals.
  • Stepping Out of Comfort Zone – means you will never know what you can do – if you never give a try. This will eliminate your fear and will make you eventually realize that everything is possible as long as there is perseverance and courage to do it.
  • In coaching, coaches should visualize positive or extraordinary results and take these as a “mission” for them to be accountable to achieve the expected results.
  • Self-confidence must be paired with courage. This means avoid perfectionism as this will hamper one’s thoughts.


Business Success :

  • Internet marketing has been attested as one of the most effective ways to reach your target market.
  • Barbara successfully marketed her services through:
    • Social media, e.g. Facebook
    • Low-cost trainings, imparting knowledge
    • Organic and paid marketing
  • The basic practices that every business owner should consider are:
    • Do MORE of your PMS (Promotion, Selling, and Marketing)
    • Do LESS of perfectionism. Do not worry, clear doubts, and never get stuck in what you want.