Do you think about outsourcing some parts of your business but are not sure how or where to start?

If you’re a business owner who wants to increase productivity and sales without spending too much money on additional staff, then you need to read this immediately to get started correctly with your outsourcing efforts.

Step #1: Sit down and identify the tasks you want to outsource

Think about what you do in your business on a day to day basis. What can you delegate to someone else? What are you not great at?

Outsource tasks that are repetitive and take long hours to complete. Tasks such as editing videos, writing show notes, social media promotion, email campaigns, etc., should be delegated to a staff to help you conserve more time and dedicate your efforts to developing new concepts and strategies to grow your business. Next time you do the task, create an instructional file and assess how much time to allocate for the task.

Outsource tasks that require specialized skills. Because a business has many moving parts, it’s important that you ensure that each of those parts is given proper attention. Accounting tasks, for example, needs someone trained and qualified in keeping and maintaining your financial records and transactions. Same with web development and image creation tasks.

Outsource tasks that require new skills. The online world is fast-changing. You often have to learn a new skill or be familiar with a new tool in order to keep up with the marketing trend. You don’t have to spend too much time learning a new skill because more likely than not, there’s a virtual assistant that are already doing what you’re trying to learn.

Step #2: Find a vendor that fits your business

Check the background. Just as any other business partnership process, it’s important that you do some background research on your prospective vendor. Check their customer reviews, ask them specific questions that will help you in decision making. Before signing a contract, you have to make sure that the vendor is qualified and capable of delivering your desired results.

Check for vendor location. Checking for your vendor’s location can help you plan for differences in time zones, language capabilities, possible risks, and other structural costs if any.

Check for communication and culture. As you look for a qualified vendor, be sure to check their communication process. What’s the best way to track their progress and get regular reports from them? Are they capable of attending meetings? Do they require a special application or software?

It’s also important to dedicate some time to observe their culture and values. Assess whether their beliefs and practices are aligned with your brand’s. The best outsourcing partner is like an extension of your business.

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