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5 Best Social Media Sites For Business

Many businesses nowadays have doubled their profit and even increase their potential clients or customers. Using Social Media is one of their secrets to achieve high rate number of customers and clients. Below, is the list of best social media sites you may use for your business.


  1. Facebook Business Pages

The biggest network of them all, every company should have a Facebook page. Don’t confuse having a personal profile and having a business page, they are not the same. With an audience of 1.4 Billion ACTIVE people a month, your business can not afford to not have a page on Facebook. The demographics are good for just about any business type.

The main thing to remember when marketing on Facebook is that images typically get the most attention. Images on Facebook tend to get the most likes, comments and shares. Be creative with your posts, ask questions, post images and be engaged with your growing audience. Facebook is not the place for a ‘hard sale’


Charles Heitz



2. Twitter

Is not as simple as it might appear. Although you are limited to 140 characters, it can be quite difficult creating something meaningful in that small space.

Twitter stands alone in its ability to create a huge, relevant audience quickly, but since you cannot target groups of followers with messages (at least yet), it sometimes feels like you are throwing a message out to a big silent world. The platform is great at making initial connections which can lead to reliable reach on another platform like a blog or podcast.


Mark Schaefer
Consultant Educator



3. Google+

Google+ has 359 million active users a month – far from the ghost town it is popularly believed to be. Many see Google+ as a combination of Twitter and Facebook, but its new features makes it a marketing paradise. The Hangouts, +1s and hashtags , if used properly, can result in a fantastic page popularity. Like Twitter and Facebook, this page needs to be updated; you need to be interactive with not only your own users, but other business pages as well. Remember: Google+ is Google, which means great search engine results for your business! If you have a Google+ Page and someone searches for your business (despite if they follow you or not), your Google+ Page and its most recent posts will be displayed on the right side of their personal search results. These search ranking benefits makes Google+ an important social media site to consider for your business.


Yamin Bendror



4. Pinterest

This platform consists of digital bulletin boards where users can save and display content they like in the form of pins. Users create and organize their boards by category, so for example, as a personal user, one might have a board dedicated to food where they pin recipes, another board dedicated to photography they find interesting and so on. Pinterest is very visually oriented (every post has to be an image or video), and like Facebook, it is also fairly low-maintenance as far as post frequency is concerned. However, keeping your boards organized and search-friendly can be time-consuming.


Brittney Helmrich
Staff Writer



5. LinkedIn

175 million users – Linked in is your online resume. It lists your previous work history, skills that you have talent in and can also include recommendations from previous people you have worked with. Make sure you keep this up to date and accurate of your current business dealings. Many people who do business with you will often Google you and look for your Linked in profile. You can use the group feature to become a leader in your areas of interest and strengths. Answer questions as they are presented to get on the radar of colleagues and potential customers. Many people use Linked in as a Social CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) – You can see in real time what your possible customers are up to, which offers valuable insight into their behavior and preferences. There is also a status update you can once again use to drive traffic to your website.


Amanda Blain