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More and more companies and businesses are utilizing the services of Virtual Employees or VEs. One of the main reasons for this is because it saves them money without compromising the quality of work being delivered. The difficult, but challenging part here is you have to manage your VE from a distance. Here’s a step-by-step guide to virtual employee success.

So, what are the basics in managing VEs? Read on …


Clear expectations

Since your VE will not be working right beside you, it is important that you lay down all your expectations at the beginning of your working relationship. Of course, you wouldn’t have control as to where they exactly choose to work, but if you want them to be reachable at all times, you have to tell them right away and come up with ways on how to go about this. If you want them to work the same time you are, tell them so. You can also inform him or her how you want each project or task to be done. But, allow them freedom to be creative with it. Clearing expectations with your VE must be done at the start of the contract to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. This will also enable your VE to perform well.


Define and explain tasks explicitly

There is nothing more frustrating for a VE than having to repeat a task over and over again because it wasn’t explained explicitly from the start. You must be able to convey instructions in writing and during calls as well. Tasks explained well will help your VE to accomplish them faster and more efficiently. It will prevent you from wasting both of your time. Having a set time for communication and progress reporting is also important to ensure that your VE is on the right track.


Provide important details about the task at hand

This should be standard operating procedure. How can you expect your VE to do her job well if you don’t provide the necessary information needed to accomplish the task? By providing all the information at the beginning of each task, your VE will be able to efficiently finish her task on time. Do not hesitate to give out even confidential information if it is needed for the task. Successful VEs are reliable and trustworthy.

It is really not that hard to succeed in business outsourcing if you just follow the simple steps laid out for you. And if this is not enough, we will provide you with additional tools and resources to help you hire and work with the best virtual employees.

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