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Working For WOS

We, at World Outsourcing Solutions, believe that opportunities should be created equally for everyone. And although work is a serious business, we want our employees to have fun and gain additional knowledge as they work.

We open doors to individuals who are passionate, efficient and highly effective in what they do. World Outsourcing Solutions encourages its employees to reach their full potential, and at the same time, teaches them to work harmoniously with others. Most importantly, we treat each employee as part of the family.

Here at World Outsourcing Solutions, our employees are encouraged to make a difference- in the workplace and community, towards their colleague and even in themselves.

Regardless of the kind of work that you do, our main goal is the same: to create a work environment where there’s kindness and understanding for one another. In this manner, every employee will do an excellent job and will be more productive.

When you work for World Outsourcing Solutions, your talents and skills will be highly regarded. Everyone is a part of team where everyone plays a vital role, regardless of the task at hand. We aim to provide you with a work environment that feels more like home.


Freedom of Expression

Here at WOS, expressing oneself is encouraged, as long as it is done in a positive manner. We would like to hear how you’re getting along the task assigned to you. Every minute detail of your progress is important to us thus we would want to hear all about it. Comments and suggestions of how we can improve our working environment are highly appreciated. Bottom line is, we want our people to be happy as they do their job.


Office Adventure

Since we work with people from different parts of the globe such as the Philippines, Japan and Europe, we learn to adjust with one another’s schedule. Being in different time zones create a diversity in how we conduct our daily activities.


Amazing Teammates

When you work with us, you are not working alone. We will put you in a team that will help you do your job better. You will find them accommodating and very supportive especially to the new employees.


Great Perks

On top of the base salary, WOS also grants free trainings, travel opportunities and commissions to hardworking employees.

Professional Growth Development

In order to ensure that our employees are given the chance to grow in their profession, we encourage employees to attend a paid study group at least one hour. This way they improve their skills and learn more about the business. We also conduct weekly staff meeting every Monday where each one is give a chance to air their concerns, whether in the company or with their present client.

Company Culture And Giving Back To The Community

Growth, abundance and happiness are the key factors that drive WOS to do what they do best. They are also involved in making a difference in the life of other people by supporting charitable institutions in the Philippines that aim to better the lives of the less fortunate.

Entrepreneurship for Everyone

Everyone dreams of having their own business. But don’t know how to start and where to start. World Outsourcing Solutions will help you find that perfect business for you and at the same time teach you how and where to begin. Take advantage of the educational based marketing tools you will receive from us, free of charge.


Work in the Convenience of YOUR Home

One of the best things about working at WOS is that you get to work at the convenience of your own home. And even though there is no physical interaction with one another, working as a team in a virtual environment can be productive as well.


A Mentor And A Friend!

Yeukai Kajidori, WOS’ CEO is very much involved in his employee’s progress. He values their professional growth, thus, providing them with opportunities, such as trainings, to help them become an achiever.



WOS don’t just hire anyone. When you get hired, it means that you have been handpicked and shortlisted among the many hopefuls.


How to Join the Team of Experts at
World Outsourcing Solutions Inc.

What to Expect During Selection Process


If you wish to join our team, you will need to submit the following:

  • Send a 3-minute video of yourself. In the video tell us 5 things that make you stand out and why you want to join World Outsourcing Solutions.
  • Convince us why we should hire you.
  • Updated resume in PDF format
  • Links to previous works including writing, software development and web design. This will definitely aid us in assessing your skills and talents.

For those who wish to join the Technology Department, kindly furnish with the following requirements:

  • Coding samples and links to mobile apps and software.
  • Updated resume in PDF format.
  • If you pass the interview, we might assess your skills by giving you a test in programming.

Once you’ve completed all the requirements, send it to:

Getting Shortlisted



If you are shortlisted, expect a call from us to arrange an interview. When you pass the interview, we will offer you the job and explain what the job entails, your role as a team member. We will also inform you of what you can expect from World Outsourcing Solutions.



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