Enlightened Entrepreneur with Christina Daves
Christina Daves Talks About Simple But Powerful PR Strategies You Need To Know And Apply

Christina Daves of PR for AnyoneAre you looking for a simple way to learn about how to get started with your PR? Look no further as Christina Daves, an expert when it comes to public relations who have been featured in over 250 media outlets, is here to share important tips and tricks to getting started with PR right now. Christina reveals key management rules in PR as well as the road map that will help any business owner land an interview in local and national media outlets.


Key Questions Asked:

  • What are the rules of engagement for any business owner who is looking to start up with PR?
  • For people who have that relationship, where should they go?
  • Knowing what she knows now about running a business, what would Christina do differently if she were to start all over again?
  • What does her day look like and what does she prioritize?
  • Where do business owners make a lot of mistakes in when it comes to PR?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Public and Media

  • Christina’s success stems from building relationships, and says that the important thing is to find people in the industry that cover your topic and build a relationship with them.
  • If you don’t know where to find these people, Google your subject matter and see who’s talking about your industry. The easiest way to start building that relationship is social media.
  • Create a story that’s entertaining to their audience, do a short and sweet pitch.
  • To get on the major televisions, you have to have a local experience.
  • In terms of pitching, it really comes down to old fashioned hard work, put your systems in place, don’t reinvent the wheel.


Tips and Tricks

  • In order to save you the time and effort, Christina believes that you need to invest in your business with somebody who’s done the things you wanted to do and made all the mistakes you’re likely to make.
  • When it comes to being efficient, the most important thing is to know when you’re most effective at your work and plan your day around that.
  • Christina warns business owners of the common mistakes in the PR, such as pitching the wrong person, pitching about themselves versus making it something that’s beneficial to the audience. The most important thing is to make your story something that can benefit the journalist’s audience.