Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Even the greatest minds have mentors and coaches. Why? Because every owner needs a sounding board, someone they can share, develop and create ideas with to point their business in the right direction. Whether it’s a once-off consult or ongoing mentoring, Choose an option to chat with a small business coaching expert today.


Yeukai has amassed many lifetimes’ worth of knowledge in the area of online marketing as the leading outsourcing consultant in London, England – personally creating numerous successful businesses for himself and clients.


Here’s what you get when you consult with Yeukai Kajidori…

Pre-consultation emails to clarify what specific questions you’d like answered. One hour business strategy call with Yeukai, tailored to your unique situation. A comprehensive business audit and actionable plan to grow your marketing approach.

Work with Yeukai NOW!

£600 + VAT

Monthly Coaching

Yeukai has tailored mentoring program – 6 years in the making. Exclusive one-on-one access to Yeukai Kajidori once a forthnight, for one hour. Yeukai’s private email so you can correspond with him at any time during your mentoring. Access to Yeukai’s training courses when required – including his signature program The Outsourcing Lab. VIP invitations/access to any live event at which Yeukai is speaking (at no additional cost to you).

Work with Yeukai NOW!

£995 + VAT / Month

Corporate Training

In a single day, our highly skilled marketing team can create a tailored training program to train your team on everything they need to know to stay one step ahead of the competition. You’ll discover how to incorporate savvy internet marketing into everything you do online.

Keynote Speaking

Yeukai’s fun and approachable personality, yet seriously impressive business background, ensures he relates to a wide variety of audiences. Yeukai’s life is one of dedication, passion and the desire to learn; and those who seek the same triumphs are motivated by this story.

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