Enlightened Entrepreneur with Doug Kisgen



Organization Expert Talks About The Fastest Path of Success As a Consultant

“It’s much easier to be in front of people in a speaker standpoint than to go one on one and tell them how great you are. The key is..bring value in that speaking session in such a way that you can get sort of this one on one feel.”

Are you faced with a decision to move forward with an idea that’s been ceaselessly running in your mind? How exactly are you going to do that?


doug-kisgen-coverIn this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, serial entrepreneur and organizational consultant, Doug Kisgen talks about how to turn an idea into a smashing success, including some strategies to implement and mistakes to avoid along the way. Doug also talks about his book, RETHINK HAPPY: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Toward Authentic Joy.


Key Questions Asked:

  • How did Doug get started on the path of entrepreneurship?
  • What criteria does he use in deciding what business to go into?
  • What advice would he give to a business owner who is thinking about what areas they can go into?
  • What roadblocks did Doug face early on which can be avoided or handled differently, had someone told him about it beforehand?
  • How did he get his first client?
  • What is his book all about?
  • What stops people from succeeding when it comes to consulting?
  • If he were to start all over again, knowing what he knows now, what would he do differently?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Criteria For What Business To Go Into

  • For his next business venture, Doug decides to do something that changes lives but in a more positive atmosphere.
  • One of his mentors, Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, taught him that if you want to make money doing something different look at your passions and think if you can develop a skill or any way to put you in a position that makes you different from anything else that’s out there.



  • In his very first entry into business, Doug went in with blinders on. Although he tried to learn everything he can by reading, the learning curve was still relatively high.
  • The best methodology Doug has used in his consulting business from then all the way til now is public speaking. Find whatever market it is that would buy your service or your consulting.
  • The best and number one way for Doug to build his consulting business is speaking to people who are potential prospects.
  • The fastest path to success is learning from others, a mentor, who had done it before you.


If he were to start completely over

  • First, he would secure plenty of capital and plenty of cash so that he has that fail safe, which he didn’t have before.
  • Second, he would invest more heavily in talent, meaning he’d rather spend a little bit more on the right talent because it produces a higher quality product.
  • Third, he would be much more stringent when it comes to hiring people.



  • What stops most business owners dead on their tracks is not knowing who they really are and lacking the understanding that there are people who have different talents so you have to make sure that you position them in the proper place.
  • Simply exposing yourself around people who have very similar issues that you are dealing with can be validating and will give you some peace, knowing that you’re not alone.


Contributing to the Community

  • Doug believes that the most important thing is providing good jobs for good people who enjoy coming to work every day.