Enlightened Entrepreneur with Dr. Reggie R. Padin

Award Winning Influencer Talks About Critical Skills in Overcoming ‘Dumpster Moments’


dr-padin-coverHave you ever felt so helpless while in a rut? Everyone goes through a rough patch, but what really is a dumpster moment? How do you know that you’re headed that way and how do you get out of it? In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, Dr. Reggie Padin shares his experience with being stuck in a dumpster and how it inspired him to help other people who are going through or are yet to go through the same experience.



Key Questions Asked:

  • What prompted Dr. Reggie to take this path in life of helping people?
  • What has it been like being in the dumpster and how does Dr. Reggie help people overcome their dumpster moment?
  • What is a dumpster moment?
  • What skills they need to develop in order to overcome these moments?
  • Assuming that we’re clear on our purpose, what second skill will they need to work on?



Highlights of Questions Asked:


  • Padin’s desire to help people originated from his own experience of being in a dumpster himself.
  • We are interconnected as individuals, our mental capacity is connected with our spiritual, physical, financial, all of those areas interconnect. Dr. Reggie felt that he could help people by figuring out what their limitations are and then try to address everything else.



  • Dumpster moment is anything that limits you and prevents you from getting to the next level.
  • A dumpster moment is something that everybody experiences.
  • It can be:
    • A mental block
    • Physical block
    • Spiritual limitation
    • Financial limitation
    • Limitation of knowledge and skills, or
    • Toxic relationship


Key Skills

  • When you lose a sense of purpose in your life, you will end up in a dumpster. Understand what your why is.
  • Padin always tells people that the more clear you can define your purpose and then create a plan of action around that purpose and then learn the skills necessary in order to become the very best in your particular purpose, the sky’s the limit for you because you can always get better. the most successful people are those who don’t give up.
  • Once you understand your purpose, your mindset it takes a lot of skill research and reading and listening to podcasts and going to the seminars and the workshops, and really investing yourself in it, so your mind is as sharp as it can be in moving towards your purpose, and then you have to become a lifelong learner.
  • You never really arrive, the moment you think you have arrived is the minute that you end up in another dumpster.
  • According to Dr. Reggie, one of the skills that they can develop is becoming a lifelong learner.



  • You can’t be satisfied with the status quo, you can’t be satisfied with what you are, you got to always be pressing and pushing yourself to always be better.
  • We’ve been programmed to believe failure is bad, but really you have to embrace failure.
  • One of the ways that we change our mindset is by envisioning the future, expecting something good is going to happen and having the clearest picture of what that vision, what the future is going to be.