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6 Effective Tips To Market Your Business On Facebook

Marketing your business on social media is now a necessity in order to get fast leads and sales. Facebook is one of the major social networking sites that has more than 100 million users that you can engage. In order to do the right marketing strategy on facebook, here are some of the effective tips for you.


1. Define Your Facebook Marketing Goals
OK, you know what your people want. Now what exactly is it you hope to gain by marketing to them on Facebook? Do you want people to engage more with your brand? Then think of a specific goal related to increase engagement — perhaps a 20% increase by quarter’s end, for example.
Write your goal down before you start your Facebook marketing campaign. This information is crucial to tracking the success of your marketing strategies (we’ll discuss measuring success with analytics a bit later on).


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2. Give people a reason to become fans
“A Reveal tab offers first-time visitors a clear call to action. By encouraging the visitor to first “Like” your fan page in order to receive a free trial, coupon or even specialized information, you can significantly increase fan conversion rates, while giving real value in becoming a fan,” says Richard Krueger, co-author ofFacebook Marketing for Dummies.
TruTV’s Operation Repo fan page challenged fans to get their friends to become fans for access to a never-seen-before episode.
TruTV’s fan page saw a 400% increase in fan conversions during the video promotion because they gave people a reason to become fans.


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3. Reward your most faithful social media followers.
If you want people to start talking about your Facebook page, you’ve got to start making the faithful followers feel special. Have a “Facebook Fans Only” night. Choose a particular person that always comments on your page and do something special for them. This kind of stuff goes a long way, and it will really beef up your word-of-mouth marketing.


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4. Have a Clear Call to Action
There is no sense in posting if you have yet to figure out what your end goal is. Whether you are simply looking to gain shares on a post or you are actively promoting a new product and directing your fans to a landing page, never leave your desired result to chance.
Be specific and tell your fans what specific action you want them to take. Do this by including something as simple as “SHARE” if you agree or “click the link to see more.”
While there are many different ways you can tweak your posts to make them stand out, the end result should always be the same. Your fans should take action in one way, shape or form.
Not including a call to action can be the difference between a post that never reaches the newsfeed or a post that receives an enormous amount of engagement and extended reach.


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5. Have a personal profile or it won’t work well
Unless you leverage your presence in groups and fan or business pages — the only way to interact with non-Friends on Facebook — you should not neglect your personal Facebook profile, because it’s your door to find people to engage with and market to in the Newsfeed.
Quoting from the above mentioned Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday session:
So individual accounts, like your Facebook account, my Facebook account, not my public page, but my personal Facebook account, your personal Facebook account, those have a little bit more opportunity to get reach versus brands, which for a while were more dominating than they are. Now it’s pretty small.
Every time you post on your business page, share that post on your personal profile— that way, you will increase reach and feedback, because your personal profile posts are shown more often in Newsfeed compared to business pages.
Also, tag your friends, so you will immediately generate response.


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6. Identification
For your page, consider using a title that’s memorable here because you won’t be able to change it later. It’s preferable to reflect your business and use a business name, not a funny character or other business persona that nobody can relate to. People will be looking for your business on Facebook, so make it easy for them to find you.
Once you get 25 fans, you can set up a username which makes accessing your profile a lot easier. Make sure you apply the username to your Facebook Page, not your personal profile, and be sure to use something memorable that people can find by plugging in the URL. I have a hard time believing that Facebook will address errors like these without an intellectual property complaint.

Tamar Weinberg