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6  Guides To Handle Your Customer Complaints

One of the most common scenarios in business are customer complaints and because it’s an inevitable. To help you build confidence in handling with customer complaints, here are some guides that you would want to apply.


  1. Give them control

A complaining customer feels out of control. They have already given you their money, or they know they are obligated to, but they’re not sure they can get what they paid for. Give them control over the process by asking what you can do to fix the problem or satisfy them. People often avoid this because they fear the customer will demand too much, but you can always say no or make a counter offer.


Adam Blanch


  1. Always use your initiative when dealing with complaints.

If the blame lies with one particular member of staff, it is often best to remove the customer from their presence. This can defuse tension and emotion, and help the customer to re-evaluate their anger.


Matt Everard


  1. Put yourself in their shoes.

As a business owner, your goal is to solve the problem, not argue. The customer needs to feel like you’re on his or her side and that you empathize with the situation.


Ben Ridler


  1. Share your personality.

Let customers know you are a feeling human being who is trying to help them. Tell them your name, and give them your business card. Then they know you are not trying to hide. Don’t say sorry if you don’t feel like it. Customers can read your intent.



  1. Apologize, but don’t blame anyone

If your customer understands you are indeed sorry for the inconvenience, that’s usually enough to calm things down. So you don’t need to lay blame on another department or another person. You just calmly say ‘I’m so sorry this happened’ or ‘I’m sorry about that’.



  1. Offer a Solution

Offer a solution to their problem. In this regard, always focus on what you can do as opposed to what you cannot. There is always a solution. It may not be exactly what they are asking for, but if you focus on what you can do versus denying them their requested remedy you have still offered a solution and often merely having another option is sufficient to remedy the situation.


Matthew Swyers


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