Life-Transforming Coach Talks About Managing Stress and Building Better Systems For Your Business


heather-vickeryIs it possible to really eliminate stress in your life? In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, life-transforming coach Heather Vickery, talks about the roadblocks that stops most business owners dead on their tracks. Heather also talks about leaving her event planning business, which she did for nearly twenty years, to do what she actually loves doing – helping business owners get clear on their vision, build better systems and boundaries to get the utmost results in their start up efforts.


Key Questions Asked:

  • Looking back at the early years, how did Heather come up with the idea of running a business?
  • What were the practical steps she took on when she got the idea to structure her marketable skill into a business?
  • What were the potential roadblocks that stopped Heather from moving forward?
  • How important is it for a business owner who is within their first three years of operation to invest in a coach?



Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Coming up with the Idea

As she becomes more in touch with herself and her needs and who she was authentically,  Heather started to pay attention to how people were interacting with her, and what was happening in the world around her. That’s when people recognized and pointed out her marketable skill.


Action to Vision

Step one to running a successful business is creating a business plan and breaking it all down. Heather created a tool called Action to Vision Worksheet that she uses in her coaching program.


Potential Roadblocks

Heather sees a problem with people’s ‘limiting voice’

There are three things you must ask yourself when battling with the voice inside your head:

  • How do you feel when you think this stuff?
  • What’s the payoff?
  • What does it actually cost you?
  • Was it true?
  • How could you prove it wasn’t true?


Investing in a Coach

Investing in a coach is invaluable because:

  • They present things in a way that you may not have thought of them before
  • They help you build systems and structures
  • Come up with the right boundaries for you
  • Instill confidence in you
  • Enables you to regain and retain control over your schedule, your interactions with others or your personal life
  • They make for smoother relationships with others and with yourself.
  • Excellent accountability partners


Tips and Criteria for Finding a Coach

  • Your personalities must match and you need to connect well
  • Do some research if you can
  • Set up a complimentary coaching session to get to know the coach
  • Decide if you want to move on to the next step



Must Have/Must do

  1. Figure out your plan and your end goal, get your why really solidly figured out
  • Schedule time appropriately
  • Know when to delegate and who to delegate things to
  • Release things that are not going to serve you in the long run
  1. The second critical skill that business owner needs to develop in order to run a successful business is the ability to follow through with your commitment to yourself and the ability to go in and put your systems in place.


Importance of Having Confidence

  • If you don’t know what your intentions are, you’re going to be all over the place and everyone’s going to be able to tell.
  • If you don’t have confidence in yourself, no one is going to value you.
  • If you don’t have the confidence and the knowledge that you’re valued what you think you should be paid hourly, no one is going to pay you that amount, which is critical especially when you are getting started because you’ll want to portray an image that people will follow.
  • As your business grow and develop, you are constantly teaching people how to respond, how to react and how to work with you.



Starting all Over

  • Given the chance to start over, Heather would want to have more flexibility in trying new things and being adventurous
  • Another thing Heather believes is important when starting out is really giving yourself grace and being patient as you go through the process,  know that the learning part is just as important as the finished product.