Enlightened Entrepreneur with Jane Bromley

Big-time Strategy Consultant Shares the ‘Blueprint for Growth’ and Other Tips on Growing a Business


Jane Bromley of Strategenic LimitedHow can your business stand out from all the rest? This episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast features Jane Bromley who talks about what it takes to grow a company in today’s world. Jane is a well respected strategy consultant who coined the term “Blueprint for Growth” and showed companies like Hewlett Packard, Vodafone, and Intel how to remove barriers of growth and helped them achieve long-term success.



Key Questions Asked:

  • What is Honeypot Value Proposition?
  • Other than focusing on the value proposition, what other areas would Jane recommend that business owners focus on if they’re to expand or to grow?
  • In her experience with talking to business owners, how can you get business leaders to get to that point where they inspire the rest of their organizations?
  • Where does Jane see business start ups go wrong when they attempt to grow your business?
  • What challenges has Jane personally faced?
  • What mindset should business owners have if they are to remain in the business for a long time?



Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Blueprint For Growth

  • Honeypot Value Proposition: Most companies think that they are different but in the eyes of the customers, they’re all the same. Value proposition makes them stand out from all other competitors.
  • Businesses should come up with a differentiation so that in the eyes of the customers they add so much value that they significantly remove or reduce a pain that the customer is suffering from.
  • One other key that’s very important for businesses is to make sure that they know where it’s headed.
  • When working with a client, Jane typically starts with what she calls a Blueprint for Growth Bench-marking, which allows people and companies to know exactly where they stand compared to others. It looks at each of the 9 characteristics that drive growth and then it shows them exactly where they stand and what works and where they need to focus on.



Common Mistakes and Challenges

  • They don’t get clear about what they really want.
  • They don’t get close enough to their customers, therefore they don’t understand the pain of those customers.
  • Most business don’t even define their target customers precisely enough, ending up trying to target so many people, but if you try to target everyone, you target no one.
  • Jane’s personal challenge: Taking the step to employ people in different ways, however, there are good ways of doing that now.
  • Other challenges: Being frustrated by ups and downs of businesses.


Perfect Mindset

  • It’s a journey, enjoying the journey is absolutely the key.
  • Must be customer centric
  • Tracking progress in order to learn