Enlightened Entrepreneur with Jason J. Hamilton of KIS Fee-Only Financial Planning

Jason J. Hamilton Reveals The 3 Basic Skills of Highly Effective Financial Planners

Jason J. Hamilton of KIS Fee-Only Financial PlanningIn this Episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, Financial Planning Expert, Jason J. Hamilton, shared three important skills every business owner needs to develop if they’re to succeed with managing their finances. The California-based President and CCO of KIS (Keep It Simple) also shared some advice on the best way to pay off a student loan and how to plan your retirement.


Key Questions Asked:

  • What are the three skills that every business owner needs to know when it comes to financial planning?
  • Are there any tools or websites that they can use?
  • What suggestion would Jason give for people or business owners who are feeling stuck?
  • How has the role of mentorship played out for him in his business?
  • Is there a smart way to pay off student loans?
  • How much do people need to set aside for retirement?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Tips and Advice

  • He started his business 100% debt free because Jason does not believe it’s good to start a business having too much debt since it adds a lot of risks.
  • Finding mentors is crucial, if you can find a specific mentor in your field, it would be good if you can talk to him for a few minutes every couple of weeks.
  • A huge part of the mindset that business owners need to have is being able to see their goal and their vision when nobody else does.




  • The first skill every business owner needs to know about financial planning is to make sure you have a cashflow plan or a big budget because the number one reason for business failure involves cashflow problems.
  • The biggest things you need to avoid are not planning for taxes and not collecting on what may be owed due to a bad receivable system in place.
  • Jason recommends that you set up a completely different business checking account.
  • The second biggest skill that is to make sure that you maintain a schedule at least on a weekly basis when you could actually work on your business.
  • The third skill is not focusing on the money first, but focusing instead on delivering value to your clients. If you focus on being a man of value and a business of value, long term, you’re gonna have a very solid foundation to build from as well as be able to establish trust with clients.


 Paying Off a Student Loan

  • Become aware and realize that you are in a critical situation, you have to realize however the situation this is and how much it could potentially be holding you back from your long term success.
  • Line up your student loans smallest to largest and then identify your minimum payments.
  • Subtract those payments from your monthly budget and whatever you have left every single month, take that dollar amount and apply it to the smallest student loan first.