Enlightened Entrepreneur with Jeanne Kelly of Ready For Good Credit Club

Jeanne Kelly Talks About Three Typical Credit Mistakes People Need To Stop Making Today

 Jeanne Kelly of Ready For Good Credit ClubIn this Episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, renowned credit expert, Jeanne Kelly shared vital tips and insights about, credit, credit report, and credit scores. Jeanne emphasized three credit management mistakes everyone needs to avoid in order to build a good credit record.



Key Questions Asked:

  • How did Jeanne achieve a good credit record?
  • What surprised her the most with all her research on credit?
  • In her opinion, what is the number one mistake business owners make when it comes to managing their credit?
  • What are the consequences for making these mistakes?
  • What is the mistake that most often cause business owners to fail completely with credit management?
  • What credit management practice do business owners think is right but is actually wrong?
  • What type of activities can help build a good credit score?
  • How long does it take for somebody to move from having a bad credit record to a positive one?
  • How have coaches made an impact in Jeanne’s life?
  • How does she market her business today?
  • How does her typical day look like?
  • As an entrepreneur, what does Jeanne know now that she wished she had known when she was getting started?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Expert’s Advice

  • Researching the credit industry, coupled with numerous attempts and failures were just some of the ways Jeanne obtained her extensive knowledge on credit.
  • Back then what surprised her the most is there wasn’t really a lot of information about credit. In contrast to where we are today, we now use credit practically every single day, except people rarely know how to really use it.
  • The best way to balance out the negative on your credit report is by starting today: pay bills on time, be aware, or obtain a new line of credit.


Mistakes and Solutions

  • The first mistake business owners typically make is people don’t pay attention to their credit scores at all and don’t look at what’s being reported about them or their business with the credit bureaus. People just aren’t aware.
  • It’s best to either monitor it with a service or just make sure at least minimum twice a year you’re looking at it.
  • Sometimes putting other people in charge will cause business owners to fail completely. The key is to always make sure you’re looking at your credit and monitoring it yourself
  • A lot of people don’t think they need credit and thus don’t realize that it’s a healthy activity to keep your credit line open and use it every once in a while.