Enlightened Entrepreneur with Jeff Lee-Dana


Jeff-Lee Dana Shares About How to Get Started With Proper Time Management


Jeff LeeWhen would the time spent by an employee become costly and non-worthy? Business consultant and time management expert, Jeff Lee-Dana, explains that there are non-value added and value-added activities in every company – and that reckons its true value, which means every business owner needs to manage their time wisely if they want to achieve long term success.


Questions Asked:

  • How did Jeff go about changing his mindset, overcoming the introvert way of thinking?
  • What steps did he take in establishing his business?
  • What was the very first advice he would give a business owner who is struggling with time management?
  • Once the value of the company has been identified, what is the next step?
  • Is there any one big step business owners need to take in order to manage their time?


Highlights of the Lessons Learned:

How To Get Started With Proper Time Management


  1. Determine the value of your company.

How? By simply getting to know your business: the all ins and outs, what is the heart and soul or the driving force in your company, other than revenue.

  1. Classify the Value-Added and Non-value Added activities.

The business owner needs to be aware and needs to identify how much time is truly wasted.


Note: Value-Added Activities are anything that you do that ENHANCES THE VALUE, or contributes to that value; while Non-Value Added Activities are the ones like managers, quality assurance, etc..


  1. Trust the team around you.

To offload these non-value added activities (tasks), you need to trust other people. Other people can learn as well and satisfy the job.


  1. Setting Goals.

This should be attainable and actionable.


Business Perspectives &Tips

  • Unknowingly, most people are spending a lot of time in non-value added activities.
  • In order to prevent such, business owners must be able to identify these non-valued activities and should be delegated to the team accordingly, and/or to the right person.
    • Outsourcing services would be the best-fit solution.
  • One thing we don’t realize is ‘we can choose our attitude.’
  • Changing the mindset of business owners to a positive stance is only possible through “changing the attitude.”
  • According to Jeff, the biggest roadblock he had was “himself.” He was once pre-occupied  with negative thoughts about engaging with people, which kept him from moving forward.
  • Seeking assistance from other mentors and coaches is the way to overcome whatever roadblock that may come in the way.