Digital Marketing Expert Reveals the Ultimate Roadmap to Achieving Marketing Success


jennifer-campbell-goddardHow far would you go to plan and implement a digital marketing campaign that ensures great result for your business? Jennifer Campbell Goddard made a huge success with digital marketing which she has graciously shared with us here at Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast. According to her, starting her own business gave her creative freedom and independence. Jennifer is the CEO and Co-founder of a national digital marketing agency that focuses solely on helping estate planning and elder law firms growing their practices using their latest marketing technology.


Key Questions Asked

  • Who is Jennifer Campbell Goddard?
  • How did Jennifer start?
  • What are the roadblocks she encountered and pointers to remember?
  • How did Jennifer get her first client?
  • How important is it to be focusing on one market?
  • What are the pointers for those who wants to try joint venture with another company?
  • What necessary steps do business owners need to take in order to set up a successful digital marketing campaign?
  • What is the perfect mindset when they go to digital marketing field?



Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Common Roadblocks

  1. Cashflow

– having enough money to start your business and be able to pay your commercial bills

  1. Lack in business savvy


-Always have a good contract

– Never be afraid to ask for your money

– Once you have rendered your service, the money is not theirs anymore

– Value the service you provide


Getting the First Client

– He was already a contact from Jennifer’s bank job

– Remember to keep your network fresh

– Get out & meet new people. Meeting people means business opportunity


Focusing on One Market

> You limit risk when you diversify

> A diversification model is a risk management model

> A real wealth accumulation model is a specialty or niche

– If u focus on a market, u take the risk of changing that market, you get an opportunity to make a difference then you begin to have a lot of expertise


Pointers for Joint Ventures

– Look for somebody who brings to the table the resources that you don’t have then bring to them a product or service that they can leverage their resources to accomplish.


Steps to set up a successful digital marketing campaign:

  1. Have a mindset

– think digital, everything should be immediate

– fast response to inquiries

– integrated

– personal networking is still there so don’t worry

– remember: “the 1st company that responds gets the business”

– have a protocol on handling web leads

– talk to clients, make sure to touch on all points

  1. Be active online

– hire an agency to manage your online accounts

– create your own website

  1. Find someone who will help you set up your daily tracking and interpret your data

– we can become increasingly sophisticated with our marketing by letting the data drive our decision

  1. Don’t let your ego get involved

– look at the data & check who your customers are, what they need and what they respond to, this will refine your budget and effort


Perfect Mindset for Digital Marketing

* Have empathy for clients , feel what the customer feels

> understand customer’s needs

> when you can tap into what people needs and are able to meet them, it creates WIN WIN scenario

> you can transform people’s lives w/ your service if you find people who need it

– doesn’t matter what your service is as long as it’s meeting someone’s needs

* At every level of your business, as it grows & expands, you will meet a challenge you have not met before

> people who are excited about learning more & be challenged are the people who will have long successful enjoyable careers

> You are never done.

* Follow your passion, persevere and don’t raise your standard of living so high