Award Winning Author Shares the Critical Copywriting Skills to Successfully Build Your Brand Online

Jessica TynerWho wouldn’t want their business to rank first in web searches? How effective is your marketing strategies to increase website traffic? In this Podcast episode, award-winning author and business owner, Jessica Tyner, reveals what it takes for business owners to increase brand awareness and establish their reputation in the online market  with the help of content generation and copywriting.


Questions Asked:

  • What is the most important skill every business owner needs to have in terms of copywriting?
  • What skills do business owners need to develop while they are still in the position to invest?
  • What are the necessary steps every business owner need to take when engaged in copywriting?
  • What are the most popular service requests?
  • How does Jessica ensure flawless writing?
  • Where does she see a lot of mistakes in content generation?



Highlights of the Lessons Learned: 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is considered as the most important skill that every business owner should have when doing business online.
  • The secrets of SEO are the following:
    • Quality content
    • Incorporation of keywords and phrases

Note: SEO is the ultimate organic way to appear your business in the first page of web searches – which is the key to drive traffic to your website, and convert to sales eventually.

  • The economic way to successfully initiate SEO in your business is to outsource a freelance writer because most businesses does not require a full-time writer.
  • Some tips in selecting a freelance writer to onboard:
    • With knowledge in your industry for quality content
    • Sufficient knowledge of SEO
    • Freelancers who charge per word or flat-rate based on average words per account
    • Experienced writer who works with editors for better pricing package.
    • Know what your business writer could offer in terms of services.
    • Figure out clearly what online image do you want to build for your business.
    • Hire one person as much as possible to speed up the process of optimizing your online image, because writers usually have their contacts for any other contractual things. With that, you will not look for contractors for every single thing.
  • The common mistakes of content generation are:
    • SEO is not incorporated.
    • Poor quality content.
    • Reuse of content that has been written long time.
    • Reuse of content that has not been updated.
    • Practice of some form of plagiarism.
    • Poor quality content.

Note: Plagiarism is against SEO best practices. It will drag down your business to a lower rank.

  • In order to ensure a flawless writing, always get an editor who will take care of the grammatical area of the content.
  • Most popular requested services incorporated in copywriting are the following:
    • Link curation
    • Quality write-up content
    • Graphic designs
    • Infographics
    • Copyright-free images