Enlightened Entrepreneur Joanna Finney of Eleven 26 Talent, LLC

Joanna Finney Talks About 3 Skills That Separate Real Entrepreneurs From Wannabes

1126In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, Joanna Finney, a full-service agent, talks about her journey and transition from working in the entertainment industry as an employee into going independent and starting her own business. Joanna shares a few useful tips on how to get started with business in today’s world and what skills all entrepreneurs need to have in order to thrive and succeed in their chosen field.


Key Questions Asked:

  • What were some of the things Joanna had learned early on in her business?
  • What sort of changes had to take place when she moved from being an employee into a business owner?
  • What advice would Joanna give to business owners who have just moved from the corporate and entered into the business world? How can they go about having the same results without the big budget?
  • What sort of changes had to happen in her mindset and how did that change take place?
  • How did Joanna get her first client?
  • If she were to start all over again, what would Joanna do differently?
  • What business skills do new entrepreneurs need to develop in order for them to stay in the business for a long time?
  • How can business owners develop their own identity?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

  • One of the things that Joanna has learned early on was that the people that truly care and helped her along the way were those that she never expected to.
  • Losing the support of an IT department was the biggest challenge Joanna faced when she was finally starting her own business was.
  • Joanna’s way of overcoming challenges with start-ups involved a lot of reading, a lot of trial and error, and not trying to be someone bigger than herself.
  • One of the biggest things that helped Joanna push through was her mindset of setting goals for herself and making sure she delivers the service she promised herself and her clients.
  • Given the chance to start all over again with her business in today’s world, Joanna would do more of promotion and research.
  • Every business owner needs to develop a unique identity, which means figuring out what you enjoy doing and growing from there.
  • Another skill is consistency, as well as transparency. If you believe you can do it and you are consistent and are constantly wanting to learn more, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • Another thing that helped Joanna with her business when she was starting up was listening to podcasts that talk about the skill set and knowledge that she lacks at that time.
  • Developing your own identity as a business depends on what your platform is, what you do, and what your short and long term goals are. Figure out how you want to portray yourself but also how you want others to perceive you.