Jody Swift of Self High Five Personal Empowerment Society

Transformation Expert Talks About the Importance of Empowering Business Owners Today

Jody Swift CoverWhat needs to happen internally when you’re in a transitional phase? Transformational teacher and empowerment expert, Jody Swift, talks with Yeukai about the many aspects of transformation, especially for individuals who are planning on or are in the process of building their own business.



Key Questions Asked:

  • How does Jody work with business owners today?
  • What would be her advice to business owners to get themselves back on the track?
  • How can business owners engage in becoming aware of themselves?
  • Is there anything that people are doing which they think are having a positive impact yet in reality they are not making a good impact at all when it comes to reaching their goals as business owners?
  • How did Jody get her first client?
  • How does she market her business today?
  • How does Jody go about picking the right people to work with?



Highlights of Lessons Learned:                                                            

Jody’s Journey

  • Jody helps people who are challenged of being two people to figure out their why from the beginning.
  • Once you figure out what your love languages are and what drives you, you can figure out whether or not they are being fulfilled in your workplace.
  • People stay where they are when they are being rewarded in some way.
  • Jody recommends two pieces of literature for business owners to pick up: The ‘5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman and ‘The Passion Test’ by Chris Attwood and Janet Attwood.
  • So many times we’re waiting to talk, we’re not actually listening to what somebody has to say… Being able to communicate where we’re at with whomever we’re with makes a big difference in terms of the success of that communication piece.


Becoming Aware

  • Business owners can get so wrapped up in the how, we forget about the initial intention of looking for what they want to get out of the business. When she’s doing goal setting with her clients, Jody suggests that they rid themselves of the burden of the how because it will come if you focus on the end result.
  • Jody markets her business mainly through word of mouth, Facebook and other social media platforms, and sending newsletter to the people she meets.


Expert’s Advice

  • Jody believes in the power of attraction. When it comes to people to work with, she is looking for particular personality types – the really open minded people who see possibility in a number of different things.
  • Jody advises business owners to form their tribe.  Get clear on your vision and then form your tribe, find the people who believe in you and who believe in your vision, and the rest will come.
  • Another advice Jody gives to people is to continue to educate yourself on you – not just on business but on you, and how you tick.