Life Coach Shares How Hypnotherapy Bridges the Journey to a Joyful Life


Karen BashfordAre you succeeding in business as much as you’d like to? If not, what are the roadblocks that are stopping you? Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, Karen Bashford, reveals how to uncover your “inner child”, and release you from the “beliefs” inside your subconscious mind – that truly hinders ones to have a joyful and abundant life.


Questions Asked:

  • Before Karen moved to working with people, had she made any preparations?
  • What is it about the “inner child transformation”, her unique way of unblocking the blocks?
  • Was there any testimony on how she was able to help people in the business area using her strategy?
  • How can business owners regain or keep their joy when they run their business?
  • What is the importance of being in the “Now”?
  • What are the tips or strategies that can help business owners to get in the “Now”?
  • What would be the second step business owner needs to take when it comes to getting their lives back on track, and reclaim that joy?
  • How does she decide which networking or event to go to?



Highlights of the Lessons Learned:

Through the “Inner Child”:

  • The “inner child” technique is a form of meditation, wherein you would imagine the little child, you were – bringing back the life you dreamt about, and the things that you love to do, along with the painful experiences you had.
  • By connecting to the “inner child”, you will be able to cite or ascertain what really are the things that would bring joy to your life – and with that, you can take action and therefore, you will get the life you wanted.
  • Also, it enables you to find out what blocks you for not succeeding, and not living the life you wanted.
  • Hence, listening to your inner child, gives you the opportunity to explore your future, and to get a direction to the life you wanted.


How to Create Joy in Your Life:

  • Through the “Law of Attraction” – Karen helps people set their goals in place or what they want to succeed with. Then, she teaches them how to put those dreams and goals in the future. One has to imagine and see that future is changing – to enable what they want to happen. She will then coach and make them understand that any challenges come out are only “beliefs”, and that can be changed.
  • “Do the things you enjoy”- In order to be able to get your life back on track, especially for business owners.
  • The importance of being in the “Now” is about getting focused.
  • How to get in the “Now” – Allow the natural things to happen, because it is only then that you will be more focused on “what you need to do” and “who you need to become”, rather than keeping on looking for solutions or how are you going to do it.
  • Business owners are taking away their passion for their business if they are doing the things they don’t love, and which they feel uncomfortable with.