Linda Williams Talks About the Challenges and Opportunities of Running a Business


linda-williamsHow do you uncover the opportunity behind a challenge? In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, a certified coach and trained psychotherapist Linda F. Williams takes us through her own journey towards success, how she leveraged her past and gained connection with people who helped her achieve her goals, and how she decided to pay it forward by helping other business owners who are struggling to make it past their own struggles.


Key Questions Asked:

  • Who is Linda Williams?
  • How did her past challenges shaped the person she is as a business owner today?
  • What would Linda say to somebody experiencing trying times?
  • How did she find her first client?
  • How does Linda measure the success of her business?
  • What is the most effective way of marketing her coaching business?
  • What are the pointers for Social Media?
  • What are the misconceptions of business owners when working w/ a coach?
  • How do people navigate in choosing which one they need in the stage of their business or their life?
  • Are there major misconception that affects business owners that should be addressed? 


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Leveraging the Past

  • Being a Christian herself, she believes that everybody has a purpose and that God does not throw us any challenge for no reason.
  • When we are hurt, we shouldn’t forget what we went through. Instead, we must remember it, walk through the healing process and make use of it to help others.


Expert’s Advice

  • As a startup business owner, ask yourself “what is your burning desire? Who are you?”
  • Focus and vision are the key
  • Every challenge is cloaking an opportunity, when we focus on the challenge we miss seeing the opportunity
  • Not every door that you face you are supposed to walk through, you need to be able to discern which door is an opportunity & which one is not.
  • You need a mastermind alliance around you. It’s a team of people who are not afraid to tell you the truth, can help you not to make the same mistakes, give their objective guidance and should be on board with you on your mission.
  • The more you can expand your perspective, the more you’re open to other people’s perspective and experiences, the more powerful you become


Client Marketing

  • Linda makes it a point to identify which people are ready to step forward or not, she observes an “each one reach one mentality.”
  • Linda believes that for every life she changes, it affects multiple others within that chain of destiny, so many lives are affected by a single life changed.
  • Linda’s best selling points are through:
    • Interaction with People
    • Word of mouth
    • Social media
    • Blogging


Pointers for Social Media

  • Needs to be reflective of who you are
  • Be very careful with who you connect with
  • Provide powerful and valuable content
  • Your blog must be reflective of you values, have call to action on each post, must always have your contact information
  • You have to be accessible to everybody


Misconceptions on Working with a Coach

  • The power of a coach’s ethics has to be front and seen at all times
  • Coaching is not consulting


Misconceptions on Business

  • Quit being confused by the hype, know who you are, maintain focus on your purpose, stay in your lane
  • Your greatest power lies within your personality and your purpose
  • Don’t make any business decision that does not consider the end game
  • Always focus on the end game