Enlightened Entrepreneur with Ling Wong

Copywriting Expert Warns Business Owners About Content Writing Practices that Can Ruin Results For Them

Ling Wong of Business SoulworkWhat copy-writing trends do you faithfully follow in your business? Listen to this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast as copy-writing consultant and marketing expert, Ling Wong, talks about the common copy-writing mistakes business owners blindly follow today. With her vast experience in content creation and marketing, Ling shares a few tips that will help business owners get the best result in producing valuable copy for their audience.



Key Questions Asked:

  • What would Ling say to somebody who wants to do something else but is scared to do leave their job or whatever they’re doing right now?
  • How did she get her initial client?
  • If Ling were to do it all over again knowing what she knows now, what would she do differently?
  • How important is strategy compared to being tactical?
  • What are some of the common mistakes solo entrepreneurs and small business owners make when it comes to copy writing?
  • What is copy writing?
  • Are there any techniques that are useful in adding personality to a copy?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Expert’s Advice

  • Ling advises start-up business owners to really understand their risk tolerance. She believes that it all comes down to our own level of comfort, therefore we shouldn’t justify cutting the corner and jumping off the cliff if that’s not in our personality in the first place.
  • Yeukai shares some insights as well, saying that in the beginning, we don’t really need our customers, and that it is only after corresponding and spending time with them that we narrow down exactly what they need and how are we going to be providing that service.
  • There’s no amount of research and survey that can take the place of actually being there and having a conversation and building relationship with your clients.
  • Given the chance to do it all over again, knowing what she knows now, Ling would be more disciplined and really get clear on her message, her convictions and what she’s really good at; and then implement good discipline and discernment on how to apply this message.
  • Tactics and strategy go hand in hand because tactics without strategy is just busy work. Your strategy also needs to be in alignment of what you set out to be, what you conviction and message is. It is the bridge between what you really want to create and the execution.
  • Regarding tactics, Ling says that it does get hard because there’s always new tactics. And while you can definitely implement all the tactics that’s out there, at some point you just have to be smart about it.



Common Mistakes

  • The first common mistake business owners do when it comes to creating a copy is they try to look around too much that their copy tend to lack focus.
  • Another mistake Ling sees business owners make when it comes to copy writing is making it less personal and more generic, and blindly following formulas and templates and even copying competitions.
  • Ling’s way of writing copy is all about making connection and creating resonance with the readers.
  • Two of Ling’s favorite techniques in copy writing and creating content is what she calls, Purposeful Storytelling and Responsible Vulnerability.
  • A lot of people are afraid of offending people on their copy. Ling suggests an exercise and other tips business owners must do to publish a copy that works for them even though it might be offending to some people.