Enlightened Entrepreneur with Margarita Rozenfeld


Margarita Rozenfeld Talks About Common Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid Doing

Margarita Rozenfeld CoverMargarita Rozenfeld is an organizational effectiveness and leadership development expert from Washington, U.S.A. As the CEO of an award winning professional training and coaching company, she has got some important insights on starting a business. Margarita shares her amazing journey of self-discovery and transition into fully embracing the life of an entrepreneur.


Key Questions Asked:

  • What advice would Margarita give to business owners who are very set in their ways?
  • Why is it important that your business is around your personality?
  • How did Margarita overcome the fear when she was first starting out?
  • What mistakes are usually committed by many business owners and how can they avoid them?
  • How did Margaret come to identify the areas that she was not so good at in her business and what necessary steps did she take to get people or a system on board?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Overcoming Fear

  • The Impostor Syndrome: Most successful people have this attitude of constantly questioning themselves which is very prevalent the first few years. That is why it was really important for Margarita to be surrounded by people who were supportive and encouraging.
  • How to best overcome fear? Margarita suggests dealing with it by surrounding yourself with really strong community of other encouraging people who are doing amazing things.
  • Aside from that, you also have to have a coach that really sees something for you that you may not see in yourself or really stretches your boundaries and helps you think differently, among other things.


Avoiding Mistakes

  • Margarita thinks it’s really important for business owners and leaders to be very honest with their competencies and weaknesses.
  • Another mistake business owners do is falling to much in love with what you do that sometimes you forget to stop and check in with your customers to make sure that what you’re doing is still relevant and important to them.
  • As business owners, you need to be in tune and listen to what our customers are asking for.