Enlightened Entrepreneur with Nedalee Thomas

Nedalee Thomas Shares Secrets on How to Successfully Establish Brand in the Market

Nedalee Thomas of Chanson WaterStarting up a business? Have you considered the steps you need to take in order for your brand to stand out in the market? Business start-up expert and brand maker, Nedalee Thomas reveals what it takes to launch your business successfully and hit your target market, all while overcoming the challenges typically experienced by business start ups.


Key Questions Asked:

  • How did Nedalee start selling in the market?
  • What were the steps she had to take in order to build her brand?
  • How was she able to pay all her debts?
  • What advice would she give business owners who are on the verge of giving up?


Highlights of the Lessons Learned:

Establishing Her Brand:

  • Nedalee Thomas and her husband built their business brand from ground up by fully understanding its potential and realizing that.
  • She had clearly known the edge or advantage of their product over their competitors.
  • Nedalee used the right medium of marketing to reach a wider market:
    • Online marketing (creating websites)
    • Social media (eg. Filming videos, Facebook, etc.)
    • Set-up distribution lines (more dealers)
    • Educating and training people to strategically claim medical benefits to make it more sale-able.


Overcoming Challenges: 

  • Nedalee Thomas had experienced financial constraints (which are very common among start-up businesses), she chose to borrow a capital in order to continue to grow their business.
  • It is very necessary to have a sound judgment on the feasibility of the business growth with implementation of a proper business plan and proper allocation of budget for cost and other expenses. Business owners should look at how and when would be the right time to settle liabilities.
  • Social responsibility, especially towards employees, should be given importance for the business to truly succeed.
  • Paying tithing and doing charitable works has been one of the biggest secrets to Nedalee’s success and what she believes will carry her further on.



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