Outsourcing mistakes

Every business owner’s dream is to grow their business and realize its utmost potential. However, no man can or have ever done this alone. For you to succeed as a business owner, you have to have a team that supports and helps you along the way. Many small to medium businesses choose the aid of outsourcing vendors from completing huge projects to making sure their day to day processes are being taken cared of.

There are many benefits to outsourcing, the biggest one is its very low cost. However, hiring and working with these out-of-the-office employees comes with its unique challenges, that, if not handled properly, may cause disappointments and failure.

To steer clear from getting hurt when you outsource for the first time, here are some of the most common outsourcing mistakes you need to know about:

Outsourcing the wrong tasks

When outsourcing activities that typically require constant attention, it’s best to hire a team of competitive individuals that will help you with your day to day operations. When you outsource tasks that are either not fit with the skills your vendor offers or are just not right for you to delegate to others, it will cause critical consequences.

Solution: When identifying what to outsource, you need to consider how your virtual team can effectively accomplish the task and how important that it is done properly.


Working with the wrong people

It’s typical for business owners to find people to work within their local network. Staying within your immediate network can result in hiring less qualified people. Another reason they settle with the wrong people is because they wanted to save money, not realizing that hiring employees solely based on the low cost can result in a significant decrease in their production and sales.

Solution: While it’s great to find people within your network, it’s best to thoroughly check their qualifications. Aside from looking at customer testimonials, you can also speak to them and ask them questions that will help you make the decision whether to hire them or not. Another thing you can do once you feel that they are qualified is to work with them on a trial basis and decide from there whether you’d like to extend the working relationship.


Lack of preparation

Outsourcing parts of your business alter your processes in many different ways. If you use outsourcing as merely a quick fix for certain problems, you’ll surely get poor results. Before outsourcing, you need to prepare your business and your offline team for the transition that will take place.

Solution: It’s important that you keep your in-house staff informed as to what will happen when you start working with an outsourcing vendor. At the same time, you also need to establish expectations with your vendor. It helps if you identify properly which tasks to outsource and how long should they expect to work with you.


Not giving allowances for cultural and time zone differences

While you can outsource to local vendors, you may find that it’s more efficient and cost-effective to hire people offshore. However, this means you have to be aware of your virtual team’s culture, what their values are and how they usually communicate with their clients. Add the fact that they might be in a completely different timezone.

Solution: Take the time, especially in the beginning, to get to know your virtual team. Another thing you need to remember is you can’t expect them to always make themselves available since most virtual employees are working from home and thus have other things to do. Communication is important in establishing a strong relationship with them. It also helps to approach them in a calm, friendly way so they feel comfortable to talk to you about anything they feel they need help with.


These are only a few of the many outsourcing mistakes business owners make. To find out more and how you can avoid them, I’d like to invite you to take the next step with your (free) “Strategy Call” with UK-based outsourcing expert, Yeukai Kajidori.

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