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Andrei Mincov Talks with Yeukai About Three Main Reasons Why Business Owners Need to Register their Brand

Are you thinking about trademarking your brand and wondering what it would take or if it’s even worth it?

While many business owners agree that brand is important, a lot of them actually miss the point of the whole branding thing and brush away the idea of registering their brand.

Andrei Mincov, a long-time intellectual property lawyer goes into details about how he built a firm that specializes in trademarks and helping business owners, both big and small, to see the importance of their own brands and to invest its long-term security.

Key Questions Asked:

  • How did Andrei get started in his magnificent project of trademarking?
  • What is the role of a mentor in his success?
  • What were Andrei’s initial steps Andrei took to get started and how was his transition from being an employee to being a full time business owner?
  • How does Andrei market his business today?
  • How did Andrei manage to expand his business outside Canada?
  • What are the things that Andrei knows now that he wished he had known when he was starting?
  • Why do every growing business need to register their brand?


Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Establishing A Business

After starting the firm, Andrei quickly realized that his success had nothing to do with his skills as a lawyer, but had everything to do with how good he was as a marketer, sales guy and entrepreneur.

The first step Andrei took was to determine whether to set up a corporation or to be a proprietor, the second step was scripting his website.

In establishing a new business, you need to build the right foundation.


Growing Your Business

Several available materials such as books and webinars, plus techniques such as content generation, online ads, trade shows, and direct mail, can help in assisting entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Making sacrifices is a part of the process, taking the risk pays off in the end.

Andrei religiously makes at least one sales call a day and have seen tremendous results.



Trademarking is a very minor investment compared to everything else you’re going to do in your business, you need to protect your brand.

Trademarking minimizes the risk of you receiving a letter from a lawyer that says that you are using somebody else’s brand and that you need to immediately rebrand.

A registered trademark makes it a lot easier and cheaper for business owners to stop their competitors from using their trademark to advertise and sell other people’s products and services.

Registering your trademark is a valuable asset for your business.