6 Qualities Of A Good Team Leader

Are you one of those aspirants who dreams of becoming a good leader?  Or wishes to be a role model?  Being a team leader is not an easy job, you need to take risks in order for you to become an effective and efficient one when handling different kinds of situations. Here are the qualities that a good team leader should possess and might give you an additional knowledge.


   1.Ability to Delegate

Finessing your brand vision is essential to creating an organized and efficient business, but if you don’t learn to trust your team with that vision, you might never progress to the next stage. Its important to remember that trusting your team with your idea is a sign of strength, not weakness. Delegating tasks to the appropriate departments is one of the most important skills you can develop as your business grows. The emails and tasks will begin to pile up, and the more you stretch yourself thin, the lower the quality of your work will become, and the less you will produce.

The key to delegation is identifying the strengths of your team, and capitalizing on them. Find out what each team member enjoys doing most. Chances are if they find that task more enjoyable, they will likely put more thought and effort behind it. This will not only prove to your team that you trust and believe in them, but will also free up your time to focus on the higher level tasks, that should not be delegated. It’s a fine balance, but one that will have a huge impact on the productivity of your business.


Tanya Prive


  1. Communication

Effective team leaders communicate clearly. Quality verbal and written communication skills allow leaders to present expectations to team members in a way workers can understand. Effective communication skills also allow team leaders to listen to the input of others.


Sherrie Scott


  1. Support and facilitate your team.

For people to do their very best work, they need an organizational environment that supports them by making it safe to take risks, to tell the truth, and to speak up … without being punished for doing so. Support your employees by creating this kind of environment, and it will facilitate their progress toward attaining your organization’s goals.




  1. Has Personal Integrity Deals Honestly and Gains Trust

“The glue that holds all relationships together – including the relationship between the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity.” ~ Brian Tracy “Faith in the ability of a leader is of slight service unless it be united with faith in his justice.” ~ George W. Goethals

Honest dealings, predictable reactions, well controlled emotions, absence of tantrums and emotional blackmails, respect for others – all these characteristics help a manager gain the trust of his people. He then becomes the leader of his team.

What is the use of conquering the whole world if you have lost your soul? A person without personal integrity will not be able to predict his own reactions to various situations. Learn how you need to build Success From Within with a blank mail to


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Editor and Author


  1. Creativity

Some decisions have to be made quickly, and catch us by surprise. creativity as a leadership traitIn times like these, it’s up to you to think outside the box to find a solution. Your team will be looking to you in these situations for guidance, so a quick decision must also be a good decision. Henry Ford faced a situation like this when demand for his vehicles was so high he couldn’t possibly keep up. Instead of making the obvious decision to hire more people, he thought with creativity and developed the assembly line. You may even brainstorm with your team to build upon some of your ideas. When your employees are involved in a decision or idea, they often feel more invested, respected, and important.

When you are in a situation where creativity is necessary, your creativity level and experience can either gain your employees’ loyalty and respect, or damage it.


Aoife Gorey


  1. Being Prepared To Admit Mistakes

One thing that unites us all as human beings is our capacity to make mistakes. Just because you are now the team leader it doesn’t mean this will stop. Of course you will try harder not to make them, when it does happen be ready to admit them. This will enable your team to retain their own self-esteem when it happens to them knowing that it is okay to be open with these things.

Playing the ‘blame game’ will only mean that any future mistakes are hidden away possibly leading to far greater problems in the future.

Becoming a team leader can be quite daunting and it could turn you into a bossy annoying tyrant. Bear these qualities in mind and you will develop useful management competencies for your future career.


Mark Williams
Learning and Development Professional


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