Enlightened Entrepreneur with Sarah Wall


Wellness Expert Shares How Every Business Owner Can Achieve a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

Sarah WallIs there a trick to achieving complete personal wellness? How can we effectively turn our limiting beliefs into something positive? In this podcast episode, renowned wellness expert, Sarah Wall, reveals how personal well-being can help business owners to truly succeed by tapping into their inner wisdom.



Questions Asked:

  • How did Sarah start her coaching business that deals with personal wellness?
  • What advice would she give to the people who are planning to incorporate yoga into their business?
  • What roadblocks did Sarah encounter that she wished someone had told her about, especially when she was making the transition from the working in the corporate world into running her own coaching business?
  • What is “Look Within” concept about?
  • What is the fastest way for one to change his beliefs?
  • What is Sarah’s perspective on the idea that every business owner needs to have a coach or mentor?
  • Why is personal well-being more important for business owners than anything else?
  • What one tip you wished somebody had shared with you regarding personal well-being?
  • How can business owners manage their stress level?
  • What is one good trick to achieving personal wellness which could help business owners overcome tough challenges?
  • How does Sarah market her business?


Highlights of the Lessons Learned:

  • Personal well-being means a totality of having a healthy body, mind and spirit.
  • Personal wellness can be best achieved by:
    • Being grateful or appreciative of what qualities and resources you have.
    • Good management of the constantly rising stress in your daily life.
    • Asking for help, if you are stuck in a situation.
    • Don’t be hard on yourself, don’t blame yourself
    • Understanding what makes you happy, and do what works for you, and if something not working, change it.

Note:  We cannot keep on doing the same thing and expect different results. If something is not working, stop fighting against it, choose a different action.

  • Business owners need to be able to manage stress because when you are stressed out, the ability to think clearly is limited, and that will stop them from being effective or productive they possibly can be.
  • Being grateful tends to shift the mindset, stop you from focusing too much on what you don’t have or on what you are not good at.
  • When you keep focusing on being grateful, things will start to work toward your goals.
  • The definitive way to obtain long lasting results is by “Looking Within” ourselves what we already have in our mind – as we are the ultimate creators of our lives.
  • According to Sarah Wall, people who are facing challenges already know the answers to their questions and they have the innate ability to listen to their inner wisdom or intuition to uncover those answers.


How Stress Can Be Best Managed:

  • Carve out time some personal time for yourself
  • Take a break, do something enjoyable (not associated with your business) –
  • Having a break really keeps things in balance.


How to Quickly Change Limiting Beliefs:

  • Affirm on the beliefs that you are currently holding;
  • Then, decide that you are ready and willing to change or take action on that.

Note: Changing our limiting beliefs means a way to overcome the challenges.