Enlightened Entrepreneur with Tatiana Becker

US Based Recruitment Expert Shares HR Tips Every Business Owner Should Know About

Tatiana Becker of NIAH RecruitingHow should you go about hiring or firing people? In this episode of Enlightened Entrepreneur Podcast, US based recruiting expert, Tatiana Becker reveals a few insightful tips and advice on how to effectively find the right candidate to join your team.




Key Questions Asked:

  • What challenges did Tatiana have had to overcome while making the transition from being an employee to running her own agency?
  • What sort of mindset did you have to adopt when you’re transitioning?
  • What advice would she give business owners who are on their first year of their operations and are having slight difficulties?
  • What is the actual process of recruitment?
  • How does Tatiana and her team go about coming up with the ideal person to join the team?
  • What advice would Tatiana give to business owners regarding compensation plan?
  • What are some of the dangers of being very slow in responding inquiries especially when you’re doing it for the very first time?
  • What mistakes does she see business owners are making when it comes to the hiring process?
  • What criteria should they use?
  • How does Tatiana market her business?
  • If she were to start all over again, what would Tatiana do differently?
  • What is her approach in letting people go?
  • What tools does she use to run your virtual staff?



Highlights of Lessons Learned:

Tatiana’s Journey

  • Tatiana has always been an entrepreneurial person, but as far as running the staffing agency is concerned, the biggest change in her mindset revolves around becoming more aware of the landscape on the whole.
  • Tatiana believes that having your own metric for success is crucial for every business owner.


Expert’s Advice

  • Keep your head up because every business has difficulties in the first year, and if you don’t then you’ve just picked a business that is actually probably not very interesting. You need to start from day one knowing that you’re going to have to face trials and tribulations.
  • When you hit bumps in the road you need to be able to re-steer your staff and they need to see that you have a really calculated way of going about it so that they totally get on-board.



  • Tatiana and her team find that they have the most success with clients that have a really clear picture of the type of person that they want to hire and the responsibilities that person is going to have, and also have the bandwidth to be able to respond to that person in a quick manner.
  • Business owners and recruitment agencies need to know how to evaluate each candidate against themselves so that they can quickly make a decision.
  • The most important thing is to understand what the person is going to be doing so that you can figure out the skill set that you will need in order to support that.
  • Great fan of the site glassdoor.com which is an accurate place for a small company to find out what market rate is for a certain type of position in their area.



  • Some companies are a little too inflexible as far as that picture of the perfect person that they’re looking for.



  • The number one thing business owners should look at is metrics, ask the agency about what they see as success.



  • The most business that Tatiana and her recruitment team are getting come from clients recommending them to other potential clients, they also have a marketing expert that works with them.
  • It’s also very important to show gratitude and to take care of the people that take care of you, that way you will easily get referrals without spending too much or anything at all.



  • Tatiana recommends business owners to go into the thing that they really love and in the area where they really feel like they’re an expert.
  • Another thing is that’s also important to consider is having the right people.


On Letting Go

  • The most important thing is letting people know where they stand all the time and how they’re measured for success.


Online Tools

  • Skype for the chat rooms.
  • Slack integrates with their applicant tracking system, more like a CRM for recruiting.
  • Toggle for hours tracking that her staff runs that on their computer.