Enlightened Entrepreneur with Tom Ingrasia


Success Coach Shares Advice on How to Win the War against Failure

Tom Ingrassia of MotivAct GroupEver wonder what it really takes to achieve your greatest dreams? What are the skills you need to have and develop within yourself? How does your experience become an integral part in realizing your ways to achieve your goals? What are the fears that hamper in achieving it? Business expert and success coach, Tom Ingrassia teaches how to clearly unveil your true vision in order to start working on your dreams and then realize it.  




Key Questions Asked:

  • How did Tom make the transition from working in higher education to running his own business and now helping other business owners to succeed?
  • How was he, as a business owner, able to achieve his goals?
  • What was happening before the time he launched or got into the dream which he always wanted?
  • As a coach, what processes or steps can business owners take in order to achieve their full potential?
  • What stops people from going ahead in pursuing their dreams?
  • How did he navigate around his fears in order to succeed?


Highlights of the Lessons Learned:

  • The critical skills that every business owners need to have and develop are mainly: 1) the ability to quickly identify the opportunity in front of them; and 2) the courage to accept the opportunities no matter what failures it may take.
  • Tom’s 25-year experience in Higher Education served as a “training ground” in developing skills and acquiring knowledge – which are essentials for every business owners in shaping up and realizing their dreams.
  • IT paved the way for his journey in becoming a business expert and coach through the following:
    1. Developing communication, time management and organizational skills
    2. Helping people to identify what they want and teach them the necessary steps to pursue them
    3. Keeping his dreams alive by connecting and keeping in touch with the people who are doing what he wanted to do.
    4. Maintaining an attitude of never losing the sight of that dream.


Tom Ingrassia uses a holistic approach and step-by-step process in helping business owners to position themselves in full potential by:

  • Visualization using sub-conscious mind.
    • Each business owner should create a clear picture of who they want to be and what they want to achieve.
  • Self-assessment.
    • Identify what he currently does in his life which is not working; why he is allowing that to happen; and recognize the things that work which either require focus or  less attention.
  • Establishing your goals.
    • Affix a firm deadline as to when to achieve those goals.
  • Accountability
    • Have a partner who will remind and be accountable to achieve your goals. A coach, a mentor or a business partner will definitely do.


This step-by-step process helps business owners achieve their goals and live in their dreams. It is true to the saying that “see what you want, get what you want.”


  • The two commonly identified fears of people which keeps them from pursuing their dreams are:
    1. Fear of going into the unknown or “failure.”
    2. Stress out of demands on our time.
  • In order to overcome these fears, business owners should be able to foresee and anticipate the conditions or look at the circumstances they want to be in – so they can combat and rise above those fears.
  • The stress due to the huge demand of time could be prevented by restructuring things and setting proper timings on when to attend each tasks and when to relax.
  • Stress-free business ecosystem promotes productivity and efficiency as wells as healthy business relationships between business owners and clients.
  • Business owners should practice this stress-free environment as personal wellness so that they can resonate their strong state of mind and healthy emotional state to the people they are helping with.
  • Combating the fears of failure and stress would definitely bring out each business owner’s best which will eventually lead to success – and achieving their dreams.
  • The act and value of donating 10% of the proceeds or sales is one of the practices that Tom values. He is determined to achieve personal wellness by making a difference through giving back to his community – as a social responsibility.
  • Complying with the social responsibility means persistence of existence in the society – which instinctively caused the business owners to reach a wider network either by word of mouth, by referrals or by familiarity.