Tools To Consider When Managing Virtual Employees

Hiring virtual employees allows you to work with individuals from literally all over the world. Most business owners who hire virtual employees also work from home or remotely.

One of the most common reasons why business owners turn to hiring remote workers is to increase productivity without spending too much money, thus, allowing them to focus their precious time and resources on the core of their business.

There are tools and apps available online that you can use to effectively manage your virtual employees. Let me share some of them with you:


Skype is a tool that allows you to make voice and video calls and chat with others on the team. You can also conduct virtual meetings (for small groups) and conference calls. Files and links can also be sent through Skype. Screen sharing is also allowed on Skype. You can choose to download the free Skype app or upgrade to Skype Premium for a minimal cost.


This is a management tool that will allow you to monitor your virtual employees and the tasks assigned to them. HiveDesk is also a time tracker. Your virtual team can check in at the start of every shift and check out at the end of their shift.


Dropbox is an online file storage app that allows you to share your files or collaborate with other team members. Files dragged into a Dropbox folder can be accessed by other team members with the link to it. Dropbox can be accessed anywhere, through your computer, tablet or smartphone.


This is also a management tool designed with small-sized businesses in mind. It can track time and list down projects and tasks being handled by your virtual employees. You can see the progress of the projects of each employee and what has been done and still needs to be done.

Google Drive

This is actually a simple tool that connects to your google account. Google drive allows you to store files and documents that you can share with the team who have the link.

There a lot more online and web-based tools and apps you can use. Most of them are free of charge. You may be overwhelmed with the sheer number of tools and apps you will come across with. Just be sure to use what is appropriate for your requirements.


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