Outsourcing is when a company delegates a portion of its business processes to a freelancer or a service providing agency either locally or offshore.

This trend has grown increasingly as companies discover that outsourcing leads to enhanced production with less cost on salaries and benefits, which enables companies to set aside a greater portion of their resources to more important parts of their company.

These outsourced jobs typically require a special set of skills, high attention to details and flexibility. So, what type of jobs is ideal for outsourcing? Here are the five typically outsourced tasks by small to medium sized companies:


#1 Web Design and Programming

Web developers care mainly responsible for designing, creating, and modifying websites. They also help maintain the web page, create more pages as needed, and track the progress of website traffic.

Web developers may also integrate websites with other computer software and applications; convert graphic, written, video and audio components to make sure it’s compatible with the required formats.


Some of their tasks include:

  • Uploading web page content
  • Designing the client’s landing page/web page
  • Identifying technical requirements
  • Secure backup files
  • Solve issues with the website


Someone who is good at analyzing user needs to implement web site graphics, content, capacity, and performance.


#2 Graphic Design

A good graphic designer can bring any kind of communication between you and your prospective clients alive. They deliver designs that can get your messages across using high-quality visuals.

Tasks include but are not limited to:

Upgrading or creating your brand logo, polishing the design of your website, designing marketing materials as well as creating graphics to post on your social media pages.


This role demands a sharp business sense and high standard for creativity.

Depending on your business, graphic designers can work part time on your company. You can even hire freelancers for one-time or project-based tasks such as logo creation.


#3 Human Resources

Human resources (HR) managers typically have extensive responsibilities to perform. Most of their tasks revolve around employee functions that range from posting job advertisements to training new recruits.

Tasks include:

Recruiting, hiring staff for the client and/or managing performance and compensation. They ultimately deal with issues such as payroll, performance management, and employee well-being.


While this particular job seems the best fit for an employee within the business, it may be a challenge for small to medium startup companies to handle the cost of hiring an HR manager in-house. Hence, the outsourcing.


#4 Web Content

Content writers can deliver various content for your page. Some examples are blog articles, show notes, e-book content, email campaigns, podcast scripts, etc.. Most writers are freelancers but there are also a few that are connected to a company.

A good web content typically has the following characteristics:

  • Concise and fact-based
  • Engaging
  • With an active tone
  • Uses SEO


Web content writing task is of digital nature, thus writers are required to have, at the very least, a basic knowledge of various designing techniques along with content management skills. They also have to know and follow different editorial guidelines.


#5 General Assistants

Business owners can’t fully operate without needing some help with accomplishing the mundane yet important tasks. Small and medium start up business owners often don’t have the capability to hire someone full time. By hiring a virtual assistant, a huge load is lifted from their backs which allow them to focus on the growth of their business.

General admin assistants often perform tasks such as:

  • Project management
  • Email handling
  • Conducting research
  • Organizing files
  • Communicating with clients and vendors
  • Preparing reports and training materials
  • Transcribing
  • Telephone support


General assistants must have strong written and oral skills, high typing speed, and a positive attitude. Knowledge in business systems, computer applications, and software are also a huge plus.


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