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5 Marketing Tips On Twitter

These are the simple yet effective ways to utilize twitter for marketing.


1. Determine your strategy

Is your strategy to communicate?

If your goal is to influence, promote or sell, your strategy should be communication based. You are going to want to attract attention. To attract attention, you are going to need to tweet, direct message, engage with other users and focus on getting information out in the Twitter world.

Is it to listen?

If you are using Twitter to keep up on news, learn, provide customer service or perform market analysis, your strategy should be to listen. You are going to want to decide who will provide the content you’re interested in and follow them. You will also want to learn how to utilize filtering tools, including hash tags and Twitter lists.


Ken Krogue
Founder and President



2. Tweet regularly

“Regular tweeting is a sign of an active, healthy profile,” says Sandra Fathi, founder & president, Affect, a public relations and social media firm. “If you only tweet once a week, or once a month, you aren’t keeping up with the Joneses [or the Twitter equivalent]. Worse, folks will forget about you,” she says.

“I recommend daily postings and engagement so that you are top of mind on a consistent basis,” Fathi says. Just be sure you are tweeting relevant or useful information, content your followers will read, click on, retweet and/or favorite.


Jennifer Lonoff Schiff



3. Change link headlines each time you tweet them to boost traffic.

Increase traffic to new blog posts or other content you share on Twitter by tweeting them 10 to 20 times using slightly different headlines each time. Twitter is excellent for ongoing live traffic around the clock so posting more than once gives you a better chance to get more exposure. Changing headlines can attract different people and, if you post at different times, you can reach people in more time zones.

Twitter is a tool than can help you discover what your target market is talking about and searching for. And when used correctly, it can boost your connections and website traffic.



Starr Hall



4. Ask questions

As well as responding to other people’s questions you should also ask some of your own. You can’t know everything and it will encourage some community interaction. You could also use it to do a bit of market research and ask questions directly related to your business or sector.


Dan Martin



5. Say “Thanks” by Favoriting Tweets

When you spot a customer testimonial in a Tweet, a small way to show you’re listening is to favorite the Tweet. Doing so sends an email notification to the user.

“Many people don’t know about favoriting Tweets, but it can get someone’s attention more than a retweet or a mention,” Amy Marshall, a digital marketing executive, told CIO.



Danny Schreiber