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I have here the three biggest myths about a virtual assistant that you need to understand and let go of. More often than not, holding on to these myths hinder business owners from moving forward in building and growing their business.


Let’s dig in and bust these myths.

Myth # 1: A Virtual Assistant can do everything for you

This is where most problems with outsourcing begin. When business owners overload their VA with tasks, chances are, they will not be able to finish  on time and the quality of work may suffer. Remember, should hire a VA depending on the role you need to be filled. You cannot expect a web developer to take care of scheduling meetings or interviews for you. In the same manner, you can’t expect a content writer to be a graphic artist, too. Although there may be exceptions to the rule, this isn’t always the case. Fill each role with a VA that can really do the job. If you insist on having someone do everything, your productivity will suffer, and in the long run, your business may feel the strain too. You are not being cost efficient if you do this. Always, always hire the right VA for the job.


Myth # 2: Virtual Assistants can work up to 40 hours a week

It is seldom that we come across a virtual assistant that can work for 40 hours per week, which is actually considered full-time. Most virtual assistants work on a part time basis and have other clients. So when you go hunting for your virtual assistant, bear in mind that majority of the candidates you will find or interview can only work for certain hours a day. I suggest that you assess each task to be outsourced and gauge how much time you think it needs to be completed. The next thing you need to do is ask your prospect how many hours per day can he or she work for you. I understand that there will be instances wherein a full-time virtual assistant will be needed. In case this happens, you have to be upfront with your prospect or the outsourcing company so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding or unmet expectations.


Myth # 3: Virtual Assistants cannot be trusted with confidential information

Virtual Assistants will always keep your information confidential. This is an unspoken rule in the outsourcing community. You need not worry about your company’s trade secrets being out in the open. If you are contracting using an outsourcing company, the more you can be assured of this. If you are contracting an independent VA, you can ask for a list of clients she is currently working with to ensure no competitor is listed. It is possible to build a good working relationship with a VA regardless of distance.

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