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 5 Ways To Manage Customer Relationships

Letting your customers engage in your business can lead you to success. The quality of your product or services will possibly pamper them. Here are list of things that will strengthen your customer relationships.


  1. Define your customer service policy

Customers should know which steps to take if they encounter a problem, have a question or simply want to offer feedback. Customer service contact information should be clearly displayed on your website and even on your products themselves. Is there a specific number to call for technical assistance? A separate line for billing inquiries?

There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than spending hours on the line being passed from person to person or not knowing who to contact in the first place. A customer who can have an issue resolved quickly is much less likely to harbor any ill will than one who had a difficult time finding the assistance he or she needed.


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  1. Listen to your customers

Listening to your customers is an easy way to maintain customer relationships. One way social media can help is by providing a space for businesses and customers to connect. By creating a company Twitter handle, Facebook page, and Instagram account, your company can help customers reach out if they have any concerns, issues, or feedback. Listening to them on these social networks will allow you to respond quickly.


Kristina Cisnero
Marketing Specialist


  1. Communication is a contact sport, so do it early and often

Relationships have a short shelf life. No matter how charming, enthusiastic or persuasive you are, no one will likely remember you from a business card or a one-time meeting. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they come home from networking events and fail to follow up. Make the connection immediately. Send a “nice to meet you” e-mail or let these new contacts know you’ve added them to your newsletter list and then send them the latest copy. Immediately reinforce who you are, what you do and the connection you’ve made.

You rarely meet people at the exact moment when they need what you offer. When they’re ready, will they think of you? Only if you stay on their minds. It’s easier to keep a connection warm than to warm it up again once the trail goes cold. So take the time to turn your network of connections into educated customers.



  1. Get organized

As your business grows, so will the amount of client data you and your team need to manage. Instead of relying on lots of different lists and spreadsheets, a CRM will keep all your client info in one easily accessible place. No more mistakes, missing files, omissions or unnecessary repetition.


Nadia Finer



  1. Analyze Sales Data

Look at your top spending and most profitable customers and see if there are any factors that link them, factors you can use in advertising to reach more of the same type. Then create focused advertising to reach out to customers closely matching those with whom you are already successful. Talk to your existing customers and ask them to provide short testimonials or interview them to draft a customer case study that you can show to prospects to let them see how you already satisfy customers in a similar sector as their own. And identify points in the process where prospects are being lost; these are choice areas where a small improvement in either the qualification or the sales process can make a big difference.



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