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    The Advantages of Hiring A Virtual Assistant
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    Effective Strategies To Successfully Grow Your Business
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    Top 10 Selling Tips and Techniques For Your Business
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3 Strategies to Maximize Social Media for Your Business

How can social media really help businesses today? Social media is widely utilized for brand promotion today because of its effectiveness and fairly low cost. This modern marketing tool combines social interaction with technology and internet to establish a deeper connection with the target market without being too invasive. Some common social media platforms used in businesses are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. The only thing you have to remember with social media is that you have to be consistent and use it regularly to keep the attention of your audience. In order to really get results, you have to know how to leverage social media. Here are some three ways you can do this: #1: Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Social media helps you position yourself as an industry resource. Content marketing experts use online platforms as channels for passing valuable information such as new trends, advice, tips and other industry-related knowledge to their target market.   Benefits As you share links and articles that provide real value to your audience, whether they’re from a third-party or your own, more people will follow you. They will then share your content and do the marketing for you. Being a thought leader, people see you as a trusted resource of information and an authority in your industry so whatever you share or post in your newsfeed, they view as worthy of their time.   Disadvantages The only trouble with this marketing approach is that constantly sharing links makes you predictable and boring and finding the best content to share takes away plenty of your time. #2:... read more

Outsourcing Mistakes : 4 Things You Need to Avoid at ALL Cost

Every business owner’s dream is to grow their business and realize its utmost potential. However, no man can or have ever done this alone. For you to succeed as a business owner, you have to have a team that supports and helps you along the way. Many small to medium businesses choose the aid of outsourcing vendors from completing huge projects to making sure their day to day processes are being taken cared of. There are many benefits to outsourcing, the biggest one is its very low cost. However, hiring and working with these out-of-the-office employees comes with its unique challenges, that, if not handled properly, may cause disappointments and failure. To steer clear from getting hurt when you outsource for the first time, here are some of the most common outsourcing mistakes you need to know about: Outsourcing the wrong tasks When outsourcing activities that typically require constant attention, it’s best to hire a team of competitive individuals that will help you with your day to day operations. When you outsource tasks that are either not fit with the skills your vendor offers or are just not right for you to delegate to others, it will cause critical consequences. Solution: When identifying what to outsource, you need to consider how your virtual team can effectively accomplish the task and how important that it is done properly.   Working with the wrong people It’s typical for business owners to find people to work within their local network. Staying within your immediate network can result in hiring less qualified people. Another reason they settle with the wrong people is because... read more

Top Five Most Outsourced Jobs

  Outsourcing is when a company delegates a portion of its business processes to a freelancer or a service providing agency either locally or offshore. This trend has grown increasingly as companies discover that outsourcing leads to enhanced production with less cost on salaries and benefits, which enables companies to set aside a greater portion of their resources to more important parts of their company. These outsourced jobs typically require a special set of skills, high attention to details and flexibility. So, what type of jobs is ideal for outsourcing? Here are the five typically outsourced tasks by small to medium sized companies:   #1 Web Design and Programming Web developers care mainly responsible for designing, creating, and modifying websites. They also help maintain the web page, create more pages as needed, and track the progress of website traffic. Web developers may also integrate websites with other computer software and applications; convert graphic, written, video and audio components to make sure it’s compatible with the required formats.   Some of their tasks include: Uploading web page content Designing the client’s landing page/web page Identifying technical requirements Secure backup files Solve issues with the website Requirements: Someone who is good at analyzing user needs to implement web site graphics, content, capacity, and performance.   #2 Graphic Design A good graphic designer can bring any kind of communication between you and your prospective clients alive. They deliver designs that can get your messages across using high-quality visuals. Tasks include but are not limited to: Upgrading or creating your brand logo, polishing the design of your website, designing marketing materials as well... read more

The Beginner Business Owner’s Guide To Outsourcing

Do you think about outsourcing some parts of your business but are not sure how or where to start? If you’re a business owner who wants to increase productivity and sales without spending too much money on additional staff, then you need to read this immediately to get started correctly with your outsourcing efforts. Step #1: Sit down and identify the tasks you want to outsource Think about what you do in your business on a day to day basis. What can you delegate to someone else? What are you not great at? Outsource tasks that are repetitive and take long hours to complete. Tasks such as editing videos, writing show notes, social media promotion, email campaigns, etc., should be delegated to a staff to help you conserve more time and dedicate your efforts to developing new concepts and strategies to grow your business. Next time you do the task, create an instructional file and assess how much time to allocate for the task. Outsource tasks that require specialized skills. Because a business has many moving parts, it’s important that you ensure that each of those parts is given proper attention. Accounting tasks, for example, needs someone trained and qualified in keeping and maintaining your financial records and transactions. Same with web development and image creation tasks. Outsource tasks that require new skills. The online world is fast-changing. You often have to learn a new skill or be familiar with a new tool in order to keep up with the marketing trend. You don’t have to spend too much time learning a new skill because more likely than not,... read more

3 Advanced Tips That Will Shoot Up Your Productivity and Sales – FAST

How do you increase your online sales quickly and without too much hassle? If you’re a business owner who wants to increase online productivity and sales, here are some advanced tips you need to know to operate your business from anywhere you are and take it through to the next level without worrying about negative feedback from both customers and employees.   Advanced Tip #1: Create the best customer experience possible Creating excellent customer experience should be the center of your everyday business process. When your customer is happy, they will keep buying from you and will even bring their friends to purchase your products and services. You have to make sure they experience the best interaction with your business even before they buy from you and after they have made the purchase. Poor customer service includes not paying attention to their concerns and needs, responding late to their emails and messages, or not being respectful in your interactions with them. Of course, most of the time it’s your employees that are on the front line, communicating with your customers and prospective clients. Needless to say, you have to take care of your employees so they will take care of your business. But aside from that, you have to set aside a good portion of your resources to develop and perfect your product because this will ultimately build on to the foundation of relationship your employees may have already set.   Advanced Tip #2: Set up a smooth payment system What makes sales and conversions really easy aside from a great marketing message is a smooth payment system. The... read more

Online Business: 4 Biggest Myths (And Truths) You Need to Know to Succeed

If you think your business is doing well and that you don’t need online exposure right at the moment, you are setting it up for failure. More and more consumers today are relying on the internet to search for qualified brands they’d want to buy from. While you may be okay without any type of online exposure, building your brand online will not only help you get more sales and expand your reach, but it will ultimately solidify your business’ future. A key to having a strong online presence is knowing where your target market is and how to deliver your marketing message across to them.

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